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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Writer's Love Story by Robert Wacaster

Title:  A Writer’s Love Story   
Release Date:  August 28, 2009
Author:  Robert Wacaster
Genre:  Romance


After finding out the man she was seeing is married, Katie is heartbroken. But the heartbreak doesn't last long when a best selling author named Robert walks into her life. He's charming, caring, and seems to be everything she's ever dreamed of in a man. But does she really know him? And can she handle a long distance relationship with Robert when he has to leave New York for California? Can Katie and Robert truly find happiness together? Or will this be just another "Writer's Love Story?"

Welcome Robert, I'm so thrilled to have you here! To get started, what is your latest offering?
Well, A Writer’s Love Story isn’t my latest offering, but it’s the book I decided I’d like you to profile (And believe me, I do appreciate it!). 
What is A Writer’s Love Story all about?
It’s the first book in a series about a best selling author who falls in love with an executive assistant at his publisher’s office.  He spends a weekend with her and then has to leave for California because a movie is being made out of his first book.  In a way, the book is about communication, and how it sometimes breaks down when you’re apart.
That sounds like it could be autobiographical. Was there anything in particular that inspired this book, or did your muse come up with it?
Funny story here.  Actually, one day I was watching movie trailers with my niece who was around 14 or so.  We were watching a few romantic comedy things and I mentioned that maybe I should try and write a romantic comedy.  She started laughing and told me there was no way I could write something like that.  That night I started writing the book.  *chuckle*  And it just kind of took off in my head after I wrote the first scene.
Who is your cover artist and how much input do you have in the design?
I’m a self-published author, and ended up doing the cover myself.  I probably should have looked for someone to do it for me, but just wanted to put the book out and see how it would do.  I’m not especially pleased with the cover anymore and have been thinking about finding another cover.  It’s actually pretty plain.
If you could co-author a book with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
That’s a very interesting question!  You know, thinking about it, I’m not really sure who I’d like to write with.  When you write with someone else, you don’t completely control the story.  I’ll have to think about that, but for right now I’ll have to say I’m not sure.
What books are in your TBR pile?
Oh geez.  I’m always reading and reviewing other self-published authors now.  There are a lot of really good independents out there!  I’m currently reading Immortalis:  Hunters and Prey by author Katie Salidas.  It’s the second book in her line of vampire books.  She’s really a good writer, and tells a great story!
When you begin a new book, do you write it straight through, or do you work on more than one story at a time?
Usually I’m working on at least two things at once.  I’m also notorious for starting something, not liking what I’ve done, and then moving on to something else.  I have went back and finished a couple of the stories, though.
Tell me a little about your backlist, and which of these is your own personal favorite?
Oh, if you mean things I’ve written, but haven’t finished?  There’s one called American Patriot Society that I’ve started about a group that follows congressmen and Senators and then using pictures they’ve taken, “persuades” the corrupt ones to resign their positions.  They eventually find out more than they bargain for.  Another one I really need to get back to is a murder mystery in a casino.  The hero is a security officer fired during a cover up.  Two good stories that I really should finish.
What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, I just finished an erotic story called “Nerdgasm” about the office “nerd” who ends up using a few “techniques” to show a co-worker what a true orgasm can be like.  And the other thing I’m almost finished with is a book about a guy who finds himself in hell, but doesn’t remember anything.  He begins to escape hell and on his way out, remembers little by little what he did during his lifetime on earth.
Thank you for joining me, Robert. If I twist your arm would you give us an excerpt? J

Chapter One

     Katie sat on the train thinking about Stewart.  Her mind flashed through the last couple of months with him.  Things had started out casually when he had wandered into the reception area where she worked, and had hit on her.  She had been broken up with her last boyfriend for several months and was enjoying the attention.  As they talked, he had gotten more and more physical with his advances.  Before she knew it, she had let things go further than she had really intended. 
     She had met up with Stewart three more times after that, each time he took her to dinner, and then they had ended up at some motel.  Each time, she had let him talk her into going a bit further than she had planned.  He rarely talked about himself during these dates, if you could really even call them that.  She would try and try to get him to talk about himself, but would eventually give up, surrendering to his forward advances.  She longed for a more meaningful relationship, and chose to ignore all the bad signs she saw in him. 
     After the last night they had spent together, he had invited her to a cabin with him for this coming weekend.  She had accepted, hoping to be able to maybe get some kind of commitment from him, to maybe find out what he really wanted.  A small part of her didn’t want to know what he really wanted.  Part of her saw all the bad signs, and knew.  The thought that she was just being used gnawed at her constantly, whenever she would think about him.  She was actually dreading the trip, as much as looking forward to it.
     She was getting older, 32 now in fact.  She had always received a lot of attention from men, but in her thirties it was seemingly harder and harder to meet anyone she really liked.  Most people her age seemed to either be married, or going out with someone else. 
     After her train pulled into Manhattan, she walked the rest of the way to work, a small company called B & W Publishing.  She was an executive assistant to Arthur Goldstein, one of the Editors. 
     She arrived at the publishing building and walked inside smiling.  It was Friday and her mind was buzzing with thoughts about Stewart and the cabin.  She saw Stewart talking to another woman she didn’t recognize.  She stopped, standing across the large lobby area and watched.
     He must have some kind of business with her, Katie thought to herself, I’m sure it’s nothing.  In the back of her mind though, warning bells were going off.
     The woman smiled, folded her arms around Stewart’s neck, and began to kiss him.  Katie was horrified.  She watched as Stewart leaned in to the woman and pulled her close.  She wanted to cry or scream, but promised herself she wouldn’t.  The couple finished kissing and as the woman walked away, Stewart said loudly to her, “I know this was a special occasion Carol, but remember, you can’t just come to my work place like this!”  He was smiling, but his face changed the instant he saw Katie.  He walked quickly towards her looking around suspiciously as he did.
     “Kitten, that wasn’t what you think, I can explain it.”
     “You were kissing her.” Katie said feeling emotion starting to well up inside her.
     “Ok yes, I was kissing her.  But there’s an explanation.”
     “Kissing her!” Katie repeated loudly, holding the tears back now by pure will.
     “I had to,” Stewart said looking around, “She’s…ok, she’s my wife.  But you don’t understand.”
     “You’re married?” Katie asked horrified.
     “Yes, but it’s a marriage of convenience!  I don’t love her!  We only stay together because of the kids!  I love you, it’s always been you!” Stewart said trying to take Katie’s hand.  She jerked it away from him.
     “You’re married and have kids?  You son of a bitch, how could you?  So all this time you’ve just been using me for sex?” She screamed.  She couldn’t hold the tears back anymore and they began to flow down her face.
     “Kitten, listen…it’s not what you think.”
     Katie slapped him and walked quickly towards the elevator crying.  She could hear him behind her, still calling her name.  How could she have not known he was married?  How could she have not realized he was just using her?   Why did she just ignore the signs?  Had she really been that desperate to find love?  As the elevator doors opened she climbed on, grateful there was no one else around to ride with her.  She dried her eyes as best she could on the ride up to floor 36.  The doors opened and she walked quickly towards her reception office, hoping Mr. Goldstein wasn’t in yet.  He wasn’t, the glass door to the reception area was still locked.  She used her keys to unlock the door, entered and quickly sat down behind her desk.
     She pulled out a tissue from a nearby box and dried her eyes again.  She put her head in her hands and after a minute slammed her fists down, trying to keep the tears back.  As she struck the desk, her watch band broke and it bounced and landed nearby on the floor.  She didn’t bother to pick it up. 
     Mr. Goldstein opened the door and walked quickly through the reception area towards his office, “Good morning Katie, thank goodness you’re here!  I have to meet with one of our authors this morning.  They tell me he’s very difficult, but he’s written a best seller so let me know the minute he gets here, ok?  His name is…” He looked at a paper in his hand, “Robert Wacaster.”
     “Yes Sir,” Katie answered, using a tissue to quickly wipe the tears from her cheeks.
     Mr. Goldstein looked up from the paper at her, “Are you ok?  Is something wrong?”
     “No Sir,” Katie smiled, “Just my allergies acting up.”
     He watched her closely for a minute, “Ok…if you’re sure.  I’ll be in my office, let me know the instant he gets here.”
     “Yes Sir.” She smiled again.  After he left, she dropped her head down onto her desk and tried not to cry.

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