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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rusted Souls - Cells Of Death for HIIH by Hunter K

Title: Rusted Souls - Cells Of Death for HIIH
Release Date: February 7, 2011
Authors: Hunter K
Publisher: Publish America
Genre: Romance/Mystery/Thriller

Blurb: In Rusted Souls, the second book in the series from author, Hunter K, we pick up where Rusted Crossroads left off with suspense filled new case for Private Investigator Dick Chain. Dick is forced to find the killers that aims to brutally murder his family. This is no innocent investigation, and as the details began to unfold, he discovers high level corruption and unimaginable evil lurking just under the surface. 

Welcome Hunter K, it’s nice to have you here. What is your author offering?
I’m excited to announce Rusted Souls - Cells of Death for HIIH…. It is out today!

What is Rusted Souls - Cells Of Death all about?
Murder, Stem Cell research, a delusional twisted evil mad Dr. who has used his murdering of the unborn children in his research, costing  thousands of lives. Dick Chain is struggling with his emotional sanity while solving this mystery. This has everything: a romantic love story, mystery, intrigue, poetry and suspense.

What was your inspiration?
This is the second book in the series; Rusted Crossroads was released in 2006. That is where the audience gets to meet the amazing cast of characters. I have had so many fans tell me they wanted to know what was going on with their lives. Also Stem Cell Research is very controversial, weather you are for or against the science.

Why this genre? What’s the draw?
The character’s are the draw at the very beginning of the Book. Wally is shot and hanging onto life by a thread. The Main Character Dick Chain is brought out of retirement to find and kill the “sons of bitches” that shot his brother in law. Wally sister Dick’s wife Rachael Has the Loving faith to keep her family together. She is the biggest flirt on the planet. She uses sex as healing power for her husband, Dick, since he is fighting for his own life after being shot in the chest. The reader is pulled into the plot and sub-plots and there are many. Russian assassins, brutal killers, Stem Cell Research that has gone beyond anything close to normal. The reader is part of the story trying to save the unborn and solve the mystery.

Tell me, what was your reaction when you received your very first contract to be published?
Happy and relieved that my writing had what it took to make it. I am dyslexic and had heard how hard it was to get published. I felt accomplished and excited to tell all those doubters that with desire and hard work you can do anything!

How did you celebrate? 
I gave my family signed copies of the book, put out a press release and booked a book signing. That was in 2006 when I was drinking, so I probably had a few beers.

Any last moment comments you’d like to add?
Yes, the third and final book in this series is Rusted Love and will tell the story of Dick’s childhood and answers all of the questions that are left open in Rusted Crossroads and Rusted Souls. It’s about half way done.

Thanks for joining me, and before we go, would you like to share an excerpt?

 Excerpt from Rusted Souls - Cells Of Death for HIIH by Hunter K
Those four letters were reasons enough not to ever want to leave. What those letters meant were never what he thought was truly going to be life changing forces that would forever be with him as long as he could take in his Bashert. “Bashert”, a Yiddish word, the only Yiddish I know. This translates to “fated or predestined”, which he came more to believe in every day that he spent time with his beautiful bride.

It was not something he ever thought possible, nor felt that he truly deserved. The only way his inner demons would win their battle is if he would accept to get involved, and bring the hate back alive in his life and forget what the Lord had done to his heart. He didn’t want to be the way he was back in the war. He had learned to hate ‘hate’, which was followed with killing and death. Hate...and he had more than plenty of it in his sordid past. He had been living new life with glimpses of love which was surreal to his war torn heart. New things were coming around as if the Lord himself had sent his Dove into this home. He had gotten up early the past three days, and that was not characteristic for a man such as an aging, retired PI.

He often times watched Rach without her knowledge, but it was out of the deep pleasure of amazement of who she was, and he never had one bad thought or feeling of wrong. His trust for his wife was undisputable and the love that he could feel by watching was the why he made these unnoticed appearances. When he saw the way she so deeply cared… her hands were on the pen, helping this brother man fill out a form. It seems that he had a problem with his back. He was constantly amazed by her deeds, and the way the love flowed out of her heart was out of his complete understanding.

As he was walking in to see his bride he had noticed that the red bricks in the county hospital were unusually small compared to what you see in buildings today. Made him think about time; and how much time had passed and that he had wasted on his life alone. That was before she came splashing into his life. He was still on his guard carrying the disappointment of a broken marriage, broken promises and busted love. He knew he would find a way to screw up from time to time ….and was still amazed (still), how deep he felt in his soul for his un-waning resolve to take care of her every need.

Rach had been volunteering at the hospital, and he felt a little selfish for what would be on his mind. She would wear her scrubs home, and that drove him to passion; to his bedroom desires. Not just the clothes; her essence, and more the ease of her giving of herself to show love and touch. To truly help mankind was an orgasm ticking in his soul.
He knew that he should be thinking of the people that she would be helping. He had her body on his mind, and he ….felt like it was wrong being totally consumed by his selfish desires; but he also knew there was nothing he could do. She had never said, or let him know that she knew, that it made him excited to wear those scrubs home. She would simply make sure that there was always time for some playtime in the afternoons.

These kinds of things are only a few of the reasons that he prayed and thanked God for the rich blessings that she had brought with such grace into his crazy mixed up mind. It was with a smooth ease that she seemed to everything so right. She was simply amazing and totally hot, which always brought a slant smile to his tanned leathered face.

The only way he could describe it was that it had been three years since they were married in Paris. He still felt like he was living in a dream. He had almost believed that he had learned how to heal the scars from his old rusted soul. Their lives were filled with joy. Such much love and power in those letters, HIIH. Those four letters meant {her I I her} which completed the circle of one.

Dick Chain, a private investigator, is led into a web of deceit by a mysterious man he meets at the airport. Dick soon realizes that there is something or someone leading him into the most bizarre case of his life. Unknowingly, he finds himself being involved with a past lover Ronda Braxton, an intriguing client, and an unscrupulous real estate developer. He couldn’t make himself believe that his Ronda was somehow involved. Was she a killer? Demons were around every corner or was he truly losing his mind? Dick finds himself with a chance at love from his long-time friend. Can he find the courage to believe and accept this kind of love? Dick must rely on his faith, the one thing he was sure he needed. It was his sprit that forced him to follow the guidance of the spirit of God.

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