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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being Screwed by GA Hauser

Title: Being Screwed     
Release Date:  October 15, 2010
Author:  G.A. Hauser
Genre: gay romance/erotica
Blurb:  In Book 7 of the Action! Series the tale comes full circle, back to the first novel, Acting Naughty and the dilemma of the lead characters Keith O'Leary and Carl Bronson on whether it is prudent for an up and coming actor to expose their sexuality to the public.
     Mark Antonious Richfield is turning the dreaded 4-0 and is going out of his mind, as usual, with hitting a milestone he assumed he'd never admit to hitting.
     Steven Jay Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, is doing all he can to get Mark and Alex through their personal crisis, but other than being supportive, Steve can't do a thing to prevent the life changing decisions both Mark and Alex are destined to make.
     Having to prove he is still young and vital, Mark reunites with the mega-stars of Forever Young, Keith and Carl, in a television episode that becomes unforgettable as Mark and the two celebrities get naughty again, much to the producers' and director's delight.
     Alexander Mark Lehman-Richfield is twenty-one, in college and still seeing Oliver Loveday loyally. To everyone's astonishment (and fear), Alex gets his big break in Hollywood as the number one star of his own racy cable TV drama, Being Screwed. And though Adam Lewis, Alex's agent and close friend begs Alex to deny his sexual preference in public, like he had done with Keith and Carl, Alexander is too outspoken to even consider hiding in the closet. But is the world ready? Or is being an ‘out' gay actor in Hollywood still a deterrent for men to get leading roles in blockbuster movies?
     Revisit with all your favorite men, Jack Larson, Adam Lewis, the cops from Top Men, Mickey and Jeff, as well as many others you have grown to know and love from Hauser's Erotic Universe.
And learn how Being Screwed, is not necessarily a bad thing...
Welcome, GA Hauser. I’m thrilled to have you as my guest. 
Thank you for inviting me! It’s my pleasure to chat with you.
Can you tell us the journey you embarked upon to your first publishing contract?  
The first one is always the toughest. I actually was given two contracts nearly 15 years ago, one for Mark Antonious deMontford, the other for London, Bloody, London. The publisher vanished after putting the two books and blurbs up on Amazon. It was a strange experience, but I met Kage Alan at that time, who was also publishing with them. He’s a great comedy writer and has become a good friend, so even that experience ended very well. After that I was lucky enough to stumble upon Barb Perfetti and Lori James who at the time owned Linden Bay Romance. They gave me my first big chance.
Which author(s) inspire you and why?  
I was inspired by several authors such as Mary Renault and Ann Rice, but the producer, David E. Kelley has had the most profound influence on my work. He did some outstanding shows like Ally Mc Beal, LA Law, and The Practice. His cross-over episodes were what created my overlapping Hauser’s Universe.
Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written, and if so, what is your favorite scene?  

That’s a tough one to answer for me. My favorite character is Mark Richfield, from the Action! Series and other novels like Capital Games and Mark and Sharon, but the scenes that stand out to me as really sexy and fun are from Top Men. The two LAPD cops who have sex on duty and like animals when they are together were the most exciting to write.

What book(s) are reading right now?  
I just finished Stormy Glenn’s My Girl. I enjoyed it very much, like several other novels I’ve read of hers. But I’m so busy writing, I don’t read as much as I used to.  
What do you think makes a good gay erotica story
The mixture of a good plot, well developed characters, and hot steamy sex. If you don’t have all three, I think you’ll bore your readers with cliché portraits or repetitive stories. I get criticized at times for going over the top, but I would not be happy writing the same cookie cutter type romance stories that are the same theme with different names.
Yes, I push the limits, but those who know my writing get it. 
What makes a scene sexy? 
Two men who are wild about each other. The sense that they are a perfect fit. Then the whole essence of the connection physically, their scent, touch, taste. But deep inside each man, they have to crave the other for their emotional stability as well as their dicks!
Who gets the best lines in your stories? Males or Females 
My females aren’t very strong influences in my novels. Occasionally, I have a terrific side character like Jennifer Bernstein, or Sonya Knight. In Top Men, Mickey’s sister Aura is a kick, and Serena in Hot Rod is the perfect best friend to her brother, Rod. But by far the toss up for best lines is between Alexander and his father, Mark Richfield.
If you could be a character in one of your books, which book and what would your character be? 
Most likely I would be Steve Miller in any of the Action! Series books. He gets to have great sex with his husband(s) Mark Richfield, Jack Larsen, and Adam Lewis. And he is loved very deeply by them all.
What was one of the most surprising thing you learned writing your books?
That people enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Before we say goodbye, could you tell us about your latest release and maybe give us an excerpt? 
Since Being Screwed was released in October, I have two more books available; Games Men Play and Born to Please, my first BDSM novel. I hope your readers will check those two out on my website, and stay tuned for the next book in the Action! Series, Book 8 Something Sexy.

Here’s a sample chapter of Being Screwed:
"How many men and women have you slept with?" Mark asked as he relieved himself.
"None of your business." Steve chuckled, loading his toothbrush.
"More than ten?" Mark used the second basin to wash up.
"I said, none of your business."
"Steven Jay!" Mark made a silly face at him.
"Less than ten. Okay?"
"Sonja, me, Jack, Adam. Anyone else?"
"Be quiet." Steve leaned over the sink as he brushed his teeth.
"No! A man as strikingly beautiful as you? Four lovers?"
After rinsing his mouth, Steve glared at Mark. "I know you've been fucked more. How many of your father's maids screwed you?"
"Ouch! One!" Mark winced.
"Care to give me a head count?"
"Oh, hell no!" Mark stuck a toothbrush into his mouth and ignored Steve.
"It's okay for me to tell you, but not for you to tell me?"
Mark spat out the toothpaste. "Less than twenty."
"Bullshit. I know how many women offered to suck your cock before you met Sharon. Tell the truth."
"Less than thirty." Mark held up his hand in a vow. "Honest." He rinsed his mouth. "But I didn't screw them."
"Are you trying the Bill Clinton defense that blowjobs aren't sex?"
"Not unless you swallow." Mark grinned at him.
"Get over here." Steve wrapped both his arms around him and tugged him into an embrace. "Are we being unreasonable to expect Alex to be with one guy forever?"
"Yes. It's wishful thinking. You are right."
"Come to bed where I can devour you."
"Purr!" Mark wriggled his cock into Steve's.
"I take it you're up for it."
"Yes?" Steve laughed at Mark's expression.
"Do you happen to have your old LAPD uniform handy?"
As if restraining the urge to double over in hilarity, Steve bit his lip, nodding. "Be right back."
"Yes! Yes!" Mark pumped his fist into the air.
"I'm very happy you're in good spirits again." Steve entered the walk-in closet.
Mark waited, reclining against the pillows, his eyes glued to the door of the closet. Nothing made him feel young again like when he played dirty with Steve.
Making a grand entrance, Officer Miller strutted out, dangling his handcuffs in his fingers.
"Flamin' hell." Mark inhaled sharply. The blood went to his groin and his cock stood at attention. Mark placed his hands over his head and crossed his knees in anticipation.
"Uh uh. Get up. I have to pat you down. I know you're armed and Dangereux!"
"Yes, sir!" Mark scampered off the bed.
"Against the wall, spread em."
Rushing to comply, Mark reached for the wall and widened his stance until he was a perfect X. His heart rate went soaring. My ultimate fantasy. Yes, Alexander, nothing is as hot as having a man in uniform.
Hearing the handcuffs hit the bed, Mark glanced at them but soon his attention was on the hunk in dark blue behind him. Hands began smoothing their way down his arms to his neck, digging into his hair. The tingles they sent through Mark were making him delirious. His dick bobbed between his legs and swelled. "I didn't do it."
"Why do all you crooks say that? You did. And you will do it."
Thank you so much for asking me to do this interview. It was great fun!



  1. Thanks so much for the interview! Born to Please will be released December 13th!

  2. Thank you for being here! It's always a pleasure to chat with you and you are always welcome back.

    Rie McGaha