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Friday, June 11, 2010

Margaret's Rematch by Farida Mestek

Title: Margaret's Rematch
Author: Farida Mestek
Release Date: 03/28/2010
Author Website
Publisher: Girl E-Gooks
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Genre: Regency/romance

Blurb: After the loss of her sister, Margaret Fairfax settles at Northbrook Hall – the country estate of her brother-in-law, Mr. Westfield, whose dislike of her is legendary. There she faces a major challenge of reconciling their many differences and proving to him that despite the rumours of schemes and scandals that followed her from London, she is worthy of his regard and affection. With time and many an exertion on her part and that of her new family, Margaret succeeds in altering Mr. Westfield’s opinion of her and attaching his heart, but she fears the worst when her deceitful friend arrives.
Welcome Farida! What is your latest offering?
My latest book is Margaret's Rematch. It is a Regency-set novel.
What is Margaret's Rematch all about?
Margaret's Rematch is about two people who overcome their immense dislike for each other and find love after the loss of a mutually beloved person. It is about ordinary people, their errors, trials and an ability to change their views and themselves for the better. It is a sweet, romantic story set against the backdrop of Regency England. In a way it is an old-fashioned story, because my understanding of Regency is greatly influenced by Jane Austen's portrayal of the time and its people. 
That sounds like my kind of story. How did you come up with the idea?
Frankly speaking, I didn't. It just came to me. I was taking time off after a long work on my first ever book that unfortunately came to nothing, and I was looking for another project to take up when Margaret and the gang dropped in on me. I was just looking for Jane Austen-like Regencies and ended up writing one myself. The characters were there and so was the plot — I was really lucky! 
I know this is your first release, so tell me something about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won't tell!
A secret? That's easy, considering that no one knows anything about me yet :D Well, let's see...I am a huge Harry Potter fan.
Any new releases on the horizon this year?
Hopefully! My M/M Regency-set novella is in the final stage of editing with my publisher at the moment, and I hope it will be released this year. I also have hopes for another M/M Regency-set novella of mine that I'm revising at present for re-submittal. 
What are you working on right now?
A great many things. The aforemention M/M Regency-set story. «Meet the Character» feature on my blog: the main characters from «Margaret's Rematch» tell their story (or anything they wish to share) in their own words. Additionally, I supply each character with a sketch of my own making. I'm not an artist, but I'm doing my best! So far, you can meet Margaret Fairfax and James Westfield. «Meet the Character» takes place every second and last Monday of the month. Also, I'm working on different Regency-related ideas that I hope to realize in near future. 
Thank you for joining me, Farida. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
I hope to see them on my blog! As a first-time author I'd like to know what readers think of my stories and my characters: the good and the bad. And if they like sweet, old-fashioned Regency — I am here to stay!
Just what I always ask of readers: support new authors. We have stories to tell just like your favorite, established authors. Give us a chance to entertain you. Thanks!


 The lake was slumbering in the shade of stripy willows, bending low as if looking into a mirror. Their long leafy branches were splayed on the surface and the flickering reflection of the sun gave it an impression of being encrusted with precious stones.
     ‘It’s so beautiful here. So peaceful,’ said Margaret, her eyes following with interest the merry dance of sunlight on the water. ‘I’d rather we did not have to disturb it just now. I must confess that I cannot wait to find myself in the cool shade of my bed-chamber. It has been a long day and I feel the side-effects of walking and flower-picking and too much sun in every bone of my body. I am not saying this to alarm you,’ she added when Mr. Westfield’s countenance once again clouded with worry. ‘I am saying – though you might find my idea a strange one – that I imagine the lake to be resting from a long day.’ She laughed self-consciously when Mr. Westfield continued to stare at her as if not comprehending her meaning. ‘Oh, you must think that I have been exposed to too much sun and am now exhibiting alarming sings of delirium.’
     Margaret’s cheeks feverish with fatigue, her languid movements and her eyes dull against the gold of the sun bore the testimony to her words. However, Mr. Westfield thought that she had never looked more beautiful than at present, for his measure of beauty strongly depended on the lady’s display of common sense and an enraptured eye.
     ‘No, indeed!’ he replied, recollecting himself. ‘What you say – how you feel – I understand you perfectly. It’s like the poet said: ‘Calm is all nature as a resting wheel.’ I’ve never heard you speak of nature like this before. I imagined that you did not care for it. But your understanding is so much more profound than I have ever given you credit for.’
     ‘I believe that you had no previous occasion to estimate how fond of nature I am, or how deeply I feel. For my part, I have never expressed a single sentence that would have given you an idea. However, I do not wish to mislead you. This is a rather recent discovery, though the one I’ve been enjoying since before my arrival. I’m sure I could tell you the exact moment my heart was set.’
     Unfortunately, little James’s first attempt to set his fleet afloat met unbending resistance of the water. Not a ripple stirred its surface, and the breeze that only half an hour ago treated them with the most good-natured humour, fled in the heat that descended. The birds stopped singing and there was no rustling in the trees. The sudden hush was filled with the forebodings of an approaching tempest and the lake – now deep heavy green – was frozen in anticipation.
     But James, who inherited strong will from his father, had no intentions of giving up and when the fleet remained anchored at the shore like a newborn puppy at its mother’s side, he decided that some inducement was in order to help it along. And as soon as this illuminating thought struck him, James procured a long, thick stick to accomplish his endeavour. At which point, Margaret who had been keenly watching his features for the first signs of disappointment and vainly tried to engage her mind in some rapid thinking of ways to counteract them with another activity of its relevance, grew alarmed that the slope was too slippery for James to try anything other than keep utterly still without the danger of falling over.
     Thus, before Mr. Westfield could stop her – distracted as he was by admiring her animated features – Margaret took a few quick steps and taking the stick from James, proceeded to lean forward and, though all aflutter, managed to push the fleet along. Little James cheered and Margaret, emboldened by her success, made another step forward. However, instead of encountering firm land, her foot met with a pebble and the next moment, in the blink of an eye, Margaret broke the surface of the lake with a splash. And, creating commotion on the water, sent the fleet on its long and merry voyage.

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