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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blood Talisman by Erika Gilbert

Title: Blood Talisman 
Release Date: June 2009 
Author: Erika Gilbert
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic/Romance 

Blurb: Battle Mage Helene Sharp has not seen her ex-lover, Master vampire Lee Corday, in over a year. When a series of murders lead right to his door, she knows she must confront him. 

As Helene soon discovers, the unthinkable has happened. Lee’s blood has been stolen and placed in a powerful talisman. A spell has been cast over his blood and a dark witch now controls Lee’s entire brood. To make matters worse, she is using them to kill off the most powerful members of the Mage Council. 

But the dark witch is after more than just power. Helene soon uncovers something she has only heard about in whispers. The power of the Druids, once thought to be dead, may be living inside an ancient artifact. And the witch means to use the vampires to get it. 
If the witch succeeds she will be unstoppable. Not only will the supernatural community be at risk, but all of humanity, and the entire world, will fall. 

Welcome Erika! What is your latest offering?
A vampire/skinwalker/witch novel called Blood Talisman. 

What is Blood Talisman all about?
It’s about Battle Mage Helene Sharp reuniting with her vampire ex, Lee Corday, to kill an evil witch who has stolen Lee’s blood and taken control of his colony. 

That sounds exciting. How did you come up with the idea?
As with most stories the idea started with a ‘what if’. In this case, what if a witch placed the blood of a master vampire inside a magical talisman? The answer was major problems for the vampires, witches and the entire human race!  

Tell me a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell! 
This is really embarrassing. No, I can’t say it! Okay. I will then, but don’t tell anyone. I’ve recently started watching Jersey Shore. I know! It’s hideous, but, just like a traffic accident, I can’t seem to look away! 

I'm sorry Erika, that is something I will have to tell everyone! Any new releases on the horizon this year? 
I’ve recently contracted my Urban Fantasy novel, The Chameleon’s Bite to MuseItUp Publishing. It’s a story about Jade Carver a part vampire, part Nordic goddess with an indestructible sword that doesn’t always show up when she wants it to. She’s met her match in the Chameleon, a creature that can turn into anything or anyone, and wants a taste of her power.

What are you working on right now?
I’m working on a young adult novel called Summoning Darkness involving an array of paranormal characters including a heroine who falls for an angel and a demon and can’t chose between them.

Thank you for joining me, Erika. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Just that I’m very thankful to both my publishers, Jill Noble of Noble Romance and Lea Schizas of MuseItUp Publishing for taking a chance on a new author and making the publishing experience not only easy but fun! 

Not only had I been flirting with another man under Lee’s roof, but I’d allowed myself to forget the seriousness of his situation. If I was going to help him I had to get out of here and quickly. I looked at the skin-walker and he winked. His vanity gave me an idea and I smiled back. 
“Yes, well don’t forget I know what you really look like. I saw you in your real body, and believe me I didn’t find you, the real you, attractive.” It wasn’t exactly true. In fact, he was rather attractive in a scruffy sort of way that I imagined would suit his cheeky grin. 
His face sunk. No one likes to hear they are unattractive. But he recovered quickly. “Well they say beauty is only skin deep, and lucky for me, I can change skins any time I like.” 
Somehow I thought he’d missed the meaning of the saying, but that’s not why I chose to correct him. “It’s not what a man looks like that’s important. It’s what he does with what he’s got that matters.” I paused a few minutes to let this sink in, and then continued when it looked like he was about to educate me about his talents. “And the fact that you have chosen just about the most handsome host you could find tells me you might be lacking in some areas.” 
I made sure I gave him a good measure of eye-twinkling flirtation. 
“That sounds like a challenge, lady!” He stood, threw down his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt. “How about you and me, right here, right now? Mano e womano, inflagrante, doing the horizontal tango.” 
Okay, too much eye-twinkling flirtation. Aside from all the mixed metaphors the man was definitely over-reacting. Maybe he wasn’t used to having his sexual prowess questioned. In any case it looked like he wanted to get down to business right away. 
He’d stripped down to his underwear, slightly distracting given the full set of rippling abs and those perfectly defined lines that led down to an even more generous groin area. I tried not to become waylaid. But the thought crossed my mind that I’d lost my mind. Who questioned the sexual skills of a man with a body like this? I mean, with a weapon like that, all he’d have to do is sneeze to bring me to orgasm. 
“Uhh.” I dragged my eyes upward. “You seem to be at a bit of an advantage there, with that body of yours.” 
“I thought the point was the package didn’t matter, only what was inside it.” 
“Yes, but really,” I said, trying to point at his groin without looking at it. Too late. I stared like a bunny caught in traffic lights. Totally mesmerized. 
“All right, fair enough. What if I only use my tongue?” 
Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Considering the tall, Nordic body, the man probably had the longest tongue in history. It might be even more dangerous than the thing I could not take my eyes from. 
“Helene, over here, look at me, yes that’s right, look at my face,” he said, sounding a lot like countless women I knew who moaned about men having conversations with their breasts. 
“Right.” I shook my head to clear it. “Where were we? Oh yes, there is another way.” 
He wiggled his fingers; they were long and thick. “Hum?” 
I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. “No!” Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths. “How about skintercourse?” 
“Yea, you know, when a skin-walker enters a woman’s body and makes love to her from the inside?” Surely that wasn’t an urban legend. If so, a few women I knew were diabolical liars. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Margaret's Rematch by Farida Mestek

Title: Margaret's Rematch
Author: Farida Mestek
Release Date: 03/28/2010
Author Website
Publisher: Girl E-Gooks
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Genre: Regency/romance

Blurb: After the loss of her sister, Margaret Fairfax settles at Northbrook Hall – the country estate of her brother-in-law, Mr. Westfield, whose dislike of her is legendary. There she faces a major challenge of reconciling their many differences and proving to him that despite the rumours of schemes and scandals that followed her from London, she is worthy of his regard and affection. With time and many an exertion on her part and that of her new family, Margaret succeeds in altering Mr. Westfield’s opinion of her and attaching his heart, but she fears the worst when her deceitful friend arrives.
Welcome Farida! What is your latest offering?
My latest book is Margaret's Rematch. It is a Regency-set novel.
What is Margaret's Rematch all about?
Margaret's Rematch is about two people who overcome their immense dislike for each other and find love after the loss of a mutually beloved person. It is about ordinary people, their errors, trials and an ability to change their views and themselves for the better. It is a sweet, romantic story set against the backdrop of Regency England. In a way it is an old-fashioned story, because my understanding of Regency is greatly influenced by Jane Austen's portrayal of the time and its people. 
That sounds like my kind of story. How did you come up with the idea?
Frankly speaking, I didn't. It just came to me. I was taking time off after a long work on my first ever book that unfortunately came to nothing, and I was looking for another project to take up when Margaret and the gang dropped in on me. I was just looking for Jane Austen-like Regencies and ended up writing one myself. The characters were there and so was the plot — I was really lucky! 
I know this is your first release, so tell me something about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won't tell!
A secret? That's easy, considering that no one knows anything about me yet :D Well, let's see...I am a huge Harry Potter fan.
Any new releases on the horizon this year?
Hopefully! My M/M Regency-set novella is in the final stage of editing with my publisher at the moment, and I hope it will be released this year. I also have hopes for another M/M Regency-set novella of mine that I'm revising at present for re-submittal. 
What are you working on right now?
A great many things. The aforemention M/M Regency-set story. «Meet the Character» feature on my blog: the main characters from «Margaret's Rematch» tell their story (or anything they wish to share) in their own words. Additionally, I supply each character with a sketch of my own making. I'm not an artist, but I'm doing my best! So far, you can meet Margaret Fairfax and James Westfield. «Meet the Character» takes place every second and last Monday of the month. Also, I'm working on different Regency-related ideas that I hope to realize in near future. 
Thank you for joining me, Farida. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
I hope to see them on my blog! As a first-time author I'd like to know what readers think of my stories and my characters: the good and the bad. And if they like sweet, old-fashioned Regency — I am here to stay!
Just what I always ask of readers: support new authors. We have stories to tell just like your favorite, established authors. Give us a chance to entertain you. Thanks!


 The lake was slumbering in the shade of stripy willows, bending low as if looking into a mirror. Their long leafy branches were splayed on the surface and the flickering reflection of the sun gave it an impression of being encrusted with precious stones.
     ‘It’s so beautiful here. So peaceful,’ said Margaret, her eyes following with interest the merry dance of sunlight on the water. ‘I’d rather we did not have to disturb it just now. I must confess that I cannot wait to find myself in the cool shade of my bed-chamber. It has been a long day and I feel the side-effects of walking and flower-picking and too much sun in every bone of my body. I am not saying this to alarm you,’ she added when Mr. Westfield’s countenance once again clouded with worry. ‘I am saying – though you might find my idea a strange one – that I imagine the lake to be resting from a long day.’ She laughed self-consciously when Mr. Westfield continued to stare at her as if not comprehending her meaning. ‘Oh, you must think that I have been exposed to too much sun and am now exhibiting alarming sings of delirium.’
     Margaret’s cheeks feverish with fatigue, her languid movements and her eyes dull against the gold of the sun bore the testimony to her words. However, Mr. Westfield thought that she had never looked more beautiful than at present, for his measure of beauty strongly depended on the lady’s display of common sense and an enraptured eye.
     ‘No, indeed!’ he replied, recollecting himself. ‘What you say – how you feel – I understand you perfectly. It’s like the poet said: ‘Calm is all nature as a resting wheel.’ I’ve never heard you speak of nature like this before. I imagined that you did not care for it. But your understanding is so much more profound than I have ever given you credit for.’
     ‘I believe that you had no previous occasion to estimate how fond of nature I am, or how deeply I feel. For my part, I have never expressed a single sentence that would have given you an idea. However, I do not wish to mislead you. This is a rather recent discovery, though the one I’ve been enjoying since before my arrival. I’m sure I could tell you the exact moment my heart was set.’
     Unfortunately, little James’s first attempt to set his fleet afloat met unbending resistance of the water. Not a ripple stirred its surface, and the breeze that only half an hour ago treated them with the most good-natured humour, fled in the heat that descended. The birds stopped singing and there was no rustling in the trees. The sudden hush was filled with the forebodings of an approaching tempest and the lake – now deep heavy green – was frozen in anticipation.
     But James, who inherited strong will from his father, had no intentions of giving up and when the fleet remained anchored at the shore like a newborn puppy at its mother’s side, he decided that some inducement was in order to help it along. And as soon as this illuminating thought struck him, James procured a long, thick stick to accomplish his endeavour. At which point, Margaret who had been keenly watching his features for the first signs of disappointment and vainly tried to engage her mind in some rapid thinking of ways to counteract them with another activity of its relevance, grew alarmed that the slope was too slippery for James to try anything other than keep utterly still without the danger of falling over.
     Thus, before Mr. Westfield could stop her – distracted as he was by admiring her animated features – Margaret took a few quick steps and taking the stick from James, proceeded to lean forward and, though all aflutter, managed to push the fleet along. Little James cheered and Margaret, emboldened by her success, made another step forward. However, instead of encountering firm land, her foot met with a pebble and the next moment, in the blink of an eye, Margaret broke the surface of the lake with a splash. And, creating commotion on the water, sent the fleet on its long and merry voyage.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Felig Chronicles by PJ Dean

Title: The Felig Chronicles
Release Date: 03/01/2010
Author: PJ Dean
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Interracial/Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance

Blurb: Nate Lowe and Tina Cain. The last two people to agree on anything, agree to save the world and themselves.

Welcome PJ Dean! What is your latest offering?
My latest book is The Felig Chronicles. It is an interracial/Sci-Fi romance set in a post-apocalyptic America.
What is The Felig Chronicles all about?
An alien race (The Felig) has invaded Earth. To live, they must absorb a human completely or siphon off the human's life energy. They can shapeshift too. When the story opens, the Felig have been here for several years. The world population lives in a state of total paranoia. No one can trusts anyone because no one knows who anyone really is. My African-American heroine and Caucasian hero, Tina and Nate, meet at a time of mutual need. Both have secrets that they want to remain hidden otherwise these secrets might break apart the fledging union. It's a hot, funny, touching (did I say hot already?) story that I hope readers will enjoy.   
 I'm not really a sci-fi fan, but this one sounds like a great read. How did you come up with the idea?
I usually write historical romances but I like science fiction, too. It has always been a dream of mine to create a story of other kinds of beings  and ways of living. I mix races, genders and alliances. Just like the world in which I live. I have to admit I saw Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days and I was determined to write an interracial, Sci-Fi romance. Her movie is not science fiction, but it definitely is another world and time. And I melt every time I watch Ralph Fiennes kiss Angela Bassett at the end of the film.
Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
My past releases have been historical romances. They are other worlds too. If you do it correctly, you unearth the customs/ways of others to create an account of an era which makes your characters seem all the more real. My first book, "Faithful" , is set in 16th century France and concerns people of opposite religions trying to establish a loving bond during a hateful time. My other release, the one of which I am most proud is "Kindred." It is set during the American Revolution in New York state and revolves around the love between African-American freedwoman, Kindred and Lelaheo/Cassian, an Oneida Indian man. I totally invented it from a bit of possibly true info about my family. This couple faces many obstacles to be together: the war, prejudice, greed and another woman. I call it Last of the Mohicans meets Roots.  Did I mention that it will make you turn up your air conditioner or turn down the heater? There. I said it.
A secret about me? I write all my books in longhand with number 2 pencils on yellow, legal pads. I hate sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end.       
Any new releases on the horizon this year?
I am working on another book for extasy for their Tarot Card series. I have the Temperance card. Wish me luck.
 What are you working on right now?
I also would like to continue Nate and Tina's story. I have all kinds of stuff rattling around in my head.
Thank you for joining me, PJ . Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Just what I always ask of readers: support new authors. We have stories to tell just like your favorite, established authors. Give us a chance to entertain you. Thanks!

 Tina got away with one extra danish for herself after handing the excess out to Moz and the gang. She skipped Lowe's lecture, thanked her van mates and took the commuter train home. Once home, she stripped out of her track suit and put on her tank top and baggy cotton pants. She turned off the A.C. and flung open the her bedroom window.
  "Come on back, fucker," she commanded. She settled down for a nap. Tina shoved her gun under the pillow next to her. As soon as she hit the sheets, Tatum jumped up onto the other side of the bed.
  "Keep watch, boy, while I catch a few winks. Howl real loud if anything looks funny." She patted his head, then rolled onto her side, facing the window.
  Insistent knocking on the apartment door jarred Tina awake. Tatum was already off the bed and was trotting toward the sound. Tina looked at the clock on the bed stand.
  8 p.m. She'd been napping for four hours! More knocking. Tina reached for her gun, bounded off the mattress and was at the front door in a flash. "Who is it?"
  Unintelligible mumbling greeted her.
  "Is that you, Teddy? Better not be. Who is it?" This time Tina put her ear to the portal. This time she heard. She nudged Tatum back with her foot and unlocked the door. "As I live and breathe. What brings you to this part of town?"
  "Something you said. May I come in?" asked a sheepish Nate Lowe. "I'd rather not discuss it in the hallway."
  Tina backed up, waved Nate into the apartment and closed the door.
  "Coffee? Something to eat? No more danish though."
  "Yes to both questions. I am hungry." Nate assessed Tina. Nice looking woman.
  Not a giddy girl. Damn good looking woman actually. Fit, pretty face, quick wit. A lot like Karen. Under different circumstances, Tina would be right up his alley. But he had no desire to risk anything.
  "Sit at the table and I'll go play with pots and pans."
  Nate took a seat at the dining room table. His knee hit something hard. Reaching under the table, he retrieved Tina's AK-47. This woman knew her weapons. A hint of a smile flashed across his face as he fingered the gun.
  "You've discovered my little friend," said Tina as she set the coffee service on the table.
  "You favor a lot of firepower."
  "It's useless though. I emptied my magnum into that thing and it kept on moving. Cream? Sugar?"
  "Black is fine." Tina poured; Nate sipped slowly. "Guns are no use. It just gives us humans false security." He pulled out a notepad. "Tell me your story."
  "My mom had requested that to keep the bedroom window open just for some real air. Just a little bit. She was changing into her nightclothes while I was in the hallway. I heard a cry, ran back to the room. It had her in its grasp."
  "What did it look like?"
  "I call it a bug/bird. When visible, it had colorless, papery opaque wings. Kind of nondescript."
  "How big?" he quizzed over the rim of the cup.
  "It filled the wall of the room." Tina threw up her arms to demonstrate. "It definitely had an intelligence."
  What makes you say that?"
  "When I tried to chase it away, it just grinned at me."
  "Not a laugh. A grin. Like it knew my efforts were futile and it knew it had the upper hand." The timer dinged in the kitchen. "Dinner. Excuse me."
  They finished the rest of the stew and the cornbread. Tina rummaged in the frig and found a bottle of chablis. They took the bottle and two wine flutes into the living room. Tina found conversing with Nate easy. It had the rhythm of a tennis match. He was personable and she had to admit after checking him out a bit that he was extremely fuckable. His jeans were snug, not tight. His blue T-shirt matched his eyes. It hugged his deceivingly muscular form in the correct places. He had a kind of been there, done that expression. It appealed to her. Tina had no time for people without histories.
  "And that was my Matty and that's why I need her back." Tina swallowed the contents of her flute in one swig.
  "My wife was snatched from right under my nose. We were in a car one minute,  then poof! she was gone."
  "It hurts. Leaves a void."
  "Yes a void. Tina, I think we can help each other. Would you join my team?"
  "Would I have to travel?"
  "Only if required."
  "I have to sleep on it." She held his glass and poured more wine for him.
  "Only fair. I apologize for my behavior earlier today." Nate took the flutes and the bottle and set them on the coffee table. Without hesitation, he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.