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Friday, May 28, 2010

Intensity by Berengaria Brown

Title: Intensity
Release Date: April 21, 2010
Author: Berengaria Brown   
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic/paranormal elements/M/M/F/menage

Amos, Wesley and Keziah have been bed partners for a while. Amos and Wesley want Keziah to move in with them and become a permanent partner but she has refused, wanting to be independent. Then she stands up for her friend and loses her job.
Amos and Wesley convince her to move in with them and plan to fuck her insensible to make her want to stay. To that end they have sex on the kitchen table using food for titillation, in Amos's office, and in the gymnasium hot tub as well as in bed.
But chaos erupts at the company Board meeting as Amos's incompetent father tries to use the ménage as a weapon to take control of the company from Amos, so Keziah decides the only solution is for her to leave.
And the ghost has his own agenda… 

Welcome Berengaria Brown! What is your latest offering?
Hi Everyone. Intensity, a ménage with paranormal elements, has just released from Siren BookStrand.
What is Intensity all about?
Keziah is a very independent person but she stood up for a friend at work and was fired. Amos and Wesley have wanted her to move in with them for a while so use this opportunity to try to make Keziah theirs. The men plan to fuck her brains out. She plans to find a new job. And then there is the ghost. He has plans for all of them too.
That sounds like quite a story. How did you come up with the idea?
Well, I thought I was telling Keziah’s story. Then the ghost appeared and took over! And from there the book just went the way the ghost led!
Tell me about your writing and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
Intensity is my first published book. But I have two more coming in June, Dance for Three from Ellora’s Cave and Huldah’s Two Hikers from Whiskey Creek Torrid. Both are M/M/F ménages like Intensity.
Please don’t tell my boss, but I carry my laptop everywhere so I can write. The boss thinks I’m working on stuff for the company but that is not necessarily quite true…
I promise I won't say a word! lol So you have any new releases on the horizon this year?
As well as Dance for Three and Huldah’s Two Hikers releasing in June, I have a little M/F short coming from Breathless Press on July 7th, called Dinner Delights.
What are you working on right now?
I have just finished an M/M and sent it to one of my editors, so I hope they like it. Next up I want to work on another book in the same world as Intensity. One of the characters has told me he’s actually a vampire and he wants his HEA.
That sounds promising. I really appreciate you joining me, Berengaria. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
On my blog there is a free read for your enjoyment—you need to scroll back a little way. It is a very short ménage. I also have a book trailer up for Intensity there too.


“You look very sexy in that outfit,” said Amos, sliding along the bench and sitting on her right.
“But I reckon you’d look even better out of it,” added Wesley, sitting on her left.
“Nice line, guys, but my pudgy body would look better covered completely by clothing, whereas you both look totally delicious with your chests bare. Although, I do think Speedos would look better on you than board shorts,” she added naughtily.
“Yeah, but where would I put the condoms?” asked Amos, pulling a handful out of the pocket of his board shorts.
“Here? You want to fuck here in a public swimming pool?” She gasped.
“It’s not public, it’s private. Besides, the man doing laps has gone, and the two in the weights room are too far away to see or hear anything we do,” added Wesley.
“We’ll buy you a bikini before next time, though,” added Amos.
“Bikini? Me? No way!” protested Keziah, only to have her protests cut short as the men pulled the straps of her swimsuit down, and two heads, one golden, one brown, bent to suck her nipples.
“Oh, that feels so good,” she murmured, holding their heads to her chest.
Before she could relax, and while two tongues still played with her nipples, male hands were pulling the swimsuit right off her and leaving it to sink to the bottom of the hot tub.
“Hey wait—”
“Shh, we’ll get it before we go,” murmured Amos, lifting her legs up onto the bench while Wesley held her shoulders and continued kissing her breasts.
Both men donned condoms. Then Wesley pulled her up with her back against his chest and nestled his cock between her butt cheeks. His hands continued to play with her breasts, and his lips roamed along her neck, her shoulders, and even sucked her ear lobes from time to time. Every now and then, he casually thrust up with his cock into her butt crack.
Meanwhile, Amos sat with her legs on his knee, kissing and sucking her toes, playing with her feet, kissing the tender spot behind her knees and gradually working his way up toward her cunt. A cunt that was already dripping cream and hungering for their cocks.
Keziah tried to hold first Amos, who was out of reach, then Wesley, but Wesley grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms against her sides with his.
She shivered as Amos got closer and closer to her aching core.
“Hungry are we, sweetness?” teased Wesley.
“Yes. No. Yes.”

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