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Friday, April 2, 2010

Analysis of Love by Fiona McGier

Title: Analysis of Love
Release Date: February 1, 2010
Author:  Fiona McGier
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Publisher: Wings e-press, Inc.
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Genre: Contemporary Romance with erotic elements

Blurb: Catalina Reyes has always been in charge around men. She is the embodiment of a “hot Latina”, and she has enticed many a man to “take a walk on the salsa side of life”.  The only problem for her is that she gets bored so easily.  When men are ridiculously easy to get, they are replaceable also.  Or so she has always thought.
     When her bosses boss assigns her to pose as a client with the blind analyst who he feels ruined his son’s life, he wants her to first seduce him, then destroy the doctor’s reputation. She has no choice, since firing her is only the first thing he will do to her, if she does not do as he orders.  She is at first, thrilled that the doctor is such an attractive man, making the first part of her assignment something she would willingly do anyway.  But something about the doctor makes him different from other men she has been with…has Catalina finally met her match?   
Welcome Fiona McGier! What is your latest offering? 
The fourth book in my Reyes Family Romances series, titled: Analysis of Love.

What is Analysis of Love all about?
This is the story of a very sexy, attractive Hispanic woman who is too busy “sampling” the most gorgeous men she can find, to fall in love.  She tells her family she is “kissing a lot of frogs, looking for her prince”.   She is a journalist, and her bosses boss, the owner of her paper, secretly calls her into his office and assigns her to become a “client” of an analyst he feels ruined his son’s life.  She is to seduce him, then destroy his reputation…or else her boss will fire her and see that she never works in journalism again.  When she meets the analyst, she is thrilled that he is so sexy that she would willingly seduce him anyway, just to sample what he has to offer.  The first problem is that he is blind, so she has to figure out how to attract him without being able to use the usual visual cues she relies on.  Then she feels guilty at what she is expected to do to him.  And finally, she is horrified to realize that for the first time in her life, she is falling in love!

I'm a fan of the Reyes Family and I think I've already fallen in love with this story! How did you come up with the idea?                         
Catalina was a minor character in my third book, Love By Design, which was the story of her older sister’s romance.  Catalina tried to flirt with the man who was head-over-heels in love with her sister, but he never even noticed.  So she settled with seducing his best friend.  As I was writing her scenes, I wondered what kind of man it would take to capture her heart and turn her into a one-man-woman.  This book is the answer to that question.

Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
All of my published books are about members of the Reyes family, so either the hero or the heroine is Hispanic. 

Don’t tell anyone, but I fall in love with every hero I create.  My husband tries not to be too jealous, but complains when I spend more time with THEM, than with him!

Aww, how sweet. Any new releases on the horizon this year?
Yes!  The fifth book, Love Therapy, will be published June 1.  It tells the story of Catalina’s closest brother Miguel, and the woman his family thought he had finally gotten out of his system.  She comes back to town 20 years after breaking his heart, and when they meet again, the sparks fly.

What are you working on right now?
I’m hoping the sixth book in the Reyes Family Romances series will get a contract.  But I’m also working on a sci-fi romance series, as well as some stand-alone romances.

Thank you for joining me, Fiona McGier. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
I’m not really sure how to classify my novels.  I write hot, explicit sex scenes, but they are between 2 consenting adults who are falling in love.  So they don’t qualify as erotica.  I guess you could call my style erotic romance?  I’d love it if some readers contacted me on my webpage, either on my blog or via e-mail, and tell me what you think.   


       She peered more closely at his eyes, asking, “So, you’ve never been able to see? You have no idea what seeing even means then, huh?”
       He shook his head again. “Nope. But hey, you don’t really miss what you have never had. And I consider myself one of the lucky ones. My parents were always able to afford the best of care for me, and I was sent to the best schools. I learned Braille at an early age, and was able to switch to public schools by the time I got to high school, so I was able to deal comfortably with the seeing world once I got to college. And lucky for me, there are careers where seeing isn’t necessary... so here we are.”
       He was quiet for a moment, before he chuckled softly.
       “You are very good, Ms. Reyes. You don’t really want to be here, so you are busy deflecting attention away from yourself, onto me. But that’s not what you are here to discuss, really, is it? Me and my problems? You are here because someone felt, and you must have agreed, that you need someone to listen to you talk, and to discuss your problems, right?”
       Catalina was so busy pulling her shirt up and flashing her naked breasts at the man, that she didn’t reply right away. When there was absolutely no sign that he had any idea that she had done anything unusual, she sat back, rearranged herself back into her clothing, and smiled at him again, saying, “I guess so.”
       He moved his hand up to put his glasses back on, and Catalina quickly leaned forward to touch his hand, saying, “Don’t, please. I like to look at your eyes. You are really an attractive man, with that blond hair, tanned skin, and those light blue eyes. In fact,” she gently rubbed the back of his one hand, “I am so busy admiring you that I haven’t really been paying much attention to what you were saying. I’m sorry. You’re not mad at me, are you?”
       He had started when she touched his hand, but quickly regained his composure.
       “No, Ms. Reyes. It’s just that blind people react kind of instinctively when you touch them without warning. Remember, I can’t see you, so I have no way of knowing that a touch is imminent. You have already put me off-balance by having me take off my glasses, which is something that I almost never do in public. I feel kind of naked without them, actually.”
       She smiled at his choice of words, and withdrew her hand and sat back in her chair.
       He continued, “And if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that you were flirting with me. You’re not, are you, Ms. Reyes?”
       She audibly drew in her breath. “Why, Doctor Evan, whatever made you think that?”
       Even though he couldn’t see her, she crossed her legs provocatively, and began to bounce her one foot.  

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