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Friday, March 12, 2010

Her Maine Man by Sylvie Kaye

Title: Her Maine Man
Release Date: Available now 
Author: Sylvie Kaye
Author Website
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Genre: Contemporary/Romance

Blurb: One weekend a year to bare your soul and your passion. He couldn’t believe the sweet deal she was offering. No commitment, just pure release.  

Welcome Sylvie Kaye! What is your latest offering? 
Her Maine Man, which is available now in both ebook and print. 

What is Her Maine Man all about?
A deathbed promise to his mother takes Jon from his consulting desk to a remote island in Maine, where he becomes entangled with one of the loose ends.

As one of the island’s first family and a target for scandal, Maddie longs to share her body and her secrets. The sexy, visiting consultant seems perfect for a clandestine, once-a-year affair—until once isn’t enough. 

That sounds seductive. How did you come up with the idea?
My husband and I took a road trip, leaving from Pennsylvania where we live part time, along the eastern coast to Maine. And like all my travels, the setting inspired a story.  I took the setting and did a twist on an old movie. Same time Next Year, but the next generation.

Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
Past releases currently available from Wild Rose are:
Banned in Texas - He’s the serial dating bad boy of the RFD singles club while she’s new in town and seeking a fresh start.  It’s anyone’s guess if she’ll tame the bad boy or he’ll shame her! 
Devil in Cowboy Boots - When Sinner stalks the man who framed him for manslaughter, his vengeance becomes tempered by Mercy, a woman as tantalizing as his most erotic fantasies.
Wrong Side of Love, also in an anthology entitled, Wild Wayback Nights - Stop by Wayback, Texas where a cowboy falls in love every eight second!
Other past releases from my backlist are available for download at my website: 
Never Dare a Cowboy, where East meets West, was originally released by Kensington in paperback and has had foreign distribution in several different languages. 
Luring Jesse - In the Black Hills of South Dakota,
Lynda Mason stakes claim to a piece of Jesse Talbot's ranch and his heart.
Nobody’s Angel - A computer-arranged blind date, a case of mistaken identity, a brother out to prove cyber mating is flawed, and a neighbor with a criminal past all add to the romp.  
For fun, check out the progression of covers for my backlist titles through the different publisher to the present. Drop me a line and let me know what covers you like the best, or the worst!

Hmmm, a secret…I’m pretty much an open book.  Not sure if I revealed this before or not so it may qualify as a secret…Her Maine Man is my first non-western.

Any new releases on the horizon this year? 
Yes, another non-western.  July 9, 2010, coming from steamy New Orleans is Loving Jilly!
Zack is a brawny but soulful carpenter.  He’s attracted to Jilly but wants the real deal when it appears all she has time for is a slam-bam-thank-you-man relationship.  Will his patience and persistence win her trust and her heart?  Or will her aunts’ stop his clock with a voodoo hex?  

What are you working on right now?
The Greater Good of Mann, it’s mainstream fiction and a stretch for me. I’m on my second draft and who knows how many it may take! 

Thank you for joining me, Sylvie Kaye. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Check out the contests and excerpts at my website!

HER MAINE MAN © Copyright, Sylvie Kaye
Feeling like a pet owner boarding out beloved Fido, Jon parked his Jag in the lot near the ferryboat landing.  He wished he had the portable dust cover he’d been meaning to buy for just such car emergencies.
           After he locked the door, he patted its gray, simonized fender lovingly and walked away, laptop in hand.  He refused to look back when a rusty, red Jeep spun into the parking lot kicking up enough dust to choke a herd of elephants, let alone one mere Jaguar.  His muscles flinched beneath the shoulder strap of his leather overnight bag.
          Tension had built on Interstate 95 with the steady stream of weekend traffic.  It looked like more stress ahead as he strode toward the boat’s rickety boarding ramp.  A few cars, apparently headed for other island ports that allowed autos, rattled onboard the double-decked, paint-chipped ferry.
           He took a seat on the warped wooden bench of the superior deck, well away from the couple with the paper sack intent on feeding the squawking seagulls.
           None too soon, the ferryboat pilot blew a whistle, the gulls screamed, and the last boat for Rose Island steered away from the landing with all the speed of a last place racehorse.  Jon let out a long breath, suspicious of the boat staying afloat any longer than he could.
          Once underway, two things lifted his spirits.  An ocean breeze cut through the midday sun and heat.  And a blonde, portside.
         Standing at the rail, wisps of hair escaping a lone braid trickling down her statuesque neck, stood the woman of his dreams.  His dreams for a livelier voyage, anyway.
         A ferryboat romance.  Now that gave him some salty ideas.  He wondered if there was a mile-out club, sort of a spin off from the mile-high club. 


  1. I've loved all Sylvie's books and wait until Loving Jilly come out! Wishing you mega, sales.

    Autumn Jordon
    2009 Golden Heart Finalist

  2. Ditto! You're the best Sylvie! Keep those books coming!

  3. I'm really looking forward to The Greater Good of Mann...keep it coming, Sylvie!

  4. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and thank you Rie for for inviting me. You have a great site!!


  5. Love your Main Man story - refreshing and full of atmosphere of a Maine island. I've read the first draft of The Greater Good and enjoyed it - can't wait to read the final in print. Keep on writing, girl!

    Rosemary Goodwin