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Friday, February 26, 2010

Destiny's Warrior: The Last Sacrifice by R.M. Putnam

Title: Destiny’s Warriors: The Last Sacrifice
Release Date:  January 31, 2010
Author: R.M. Putnam
Author Website 
Publisher: Outskirts Press
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Genre:  Fantasy / Horror

The Last Sacrifice, second in the Destiny’s Warriors series. Will evil magic, revenge, and murder result in The Last Sacrifice or will the dreaded Lord of Blood fulfill the prophecy? 

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Welcome R.M. Putnam! Thank you for being here. What is your latest offering?
My second book in my series Destiny’s Warriors: The Last Sacrifice 

What is Destiny’s Warriors: The Last Sacrifice all about?
Great, deep love and bliss grow here with The Last Sacrifice, as do the hatred and venom of souls lost and betrayed. The way they entangle and intertwine throughout the novel is fascinating, and karmic lessons abound. Murderous plots, deceit, and betrayal guide the path to war against evil magic and mystical creatures.  

After a series of mayhem, war and rebellion, the Baalites of Altair attack led by the Lord of Blood! The Baalites are a flesh-eating society of vampires who rape, tortures and commit atrocities with no sense of humanity. 

This epic fantasy tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart are to be devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within its pages. 
Here is a brief bio from the back of my book, which gives more about The Last Sacrifice
R.M. Putnam a student of mythology and folklore ventures into a bit of horror with the telling of The Last Sacrifice. Her study into vampirism, cannibalism, and slavery brought her to create the dreaded Baalites of Altair. A society of flesh-eating vampires who have a sadistic, perverted disregard for human life. Continuing with the Destiny’s Warrior’s saga, her knowledge of Roman, Angle and Saxon tribes bring her to the take-over of Ireland. In collaboration with Michael W. Valadez, she creates fictional battle-scenes rich with graphic description. Her story is woven with emotion, love and a savagery unlike any other.

That sounds fascinating. How did you come up with the idea? 

Working on my first novel, Destinys Warriors I began collaborating with my son, Michael Valadez. Both of us love fantasy and horror movies and thought to incorporate the two genres. Wanting to come up with a more unique version of a vampire we created the evil Baalites of Altair. We did away with coffins, stakes, and sunlight being a way to destroy a vampire. Vampires have been done to deathwell, maybe death is not the right word we just wanted to reinvent them to a more interesting and truly scary creature. I dont know about you but the idea of a blood-sucking creature shouldnt be a romantic lead. Yet I have to admit, I did find myself cheering on the vampire and finding him romantic and charming in a movie I wont mention here. 

We made our vampires cannibalistic, perverted, people with no regard for humanity and indestructible with an army like no other. Nothing charming about my vampires who are lost to an uncontrollable blood lust.  

The conversation I shared with Michael back and forth became consuming though a bit weird to say the least. I enjoyed this time of bonding with my son. In addition, input from my husband, Randy as to ideas on torture gave a little more chill to my story. Waa ha ha ha oops could not resist a little evil laughter. Randys involvement with the 1st Cavalry Association, (He is retired military) has also enlightened me to the living terror of post traumatic stress as I listen to stories from a few such noble and courages veterans. Thereby, Destinys Warriors: The Last Sacrifice was born. I should mention that things will escalate to the unthinkable in Book 3 of the series.

Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!

Secret? Hmm, I have lots of secrets… don’t know if it is wise to share… I lie about my weight, dye my hair, and try to hold my chin up to stretch the sagging skin on my neck as a vain attempt to fight age. Won’t ever tell you my weight though…. Secret? I’ll have to give it some thought. As for past releases, I published my first of ten books in the series: Destiny’s Warriors, September 2007.

A brief synopsis:
Ferrin Collins, archaeologist and professor living in modern day Belfast, goes out to explore for a possible dig-site and dozes off in the woods, dreaming as always of another time and place. When he awakes, he is in the past in ancient Ireland, with no idea how he will get by! Somehow, he stumbles onto his Destiny in the town of Erui. Ferrin meets a Druid called Wolf, who seems oddly familiar. During their time together, Wolf tells him the tale of Destiny's Warriors, which is a tale of betrayal, murderous plots, and revenge. What ensues is an exhilarating journey into the horrors of human sacrifice. Destiny's Warriors inspires its readers to empathize with the characters while they try to survive in an ancient, harsh world of magic, mystical creatures, horrific monsters and the brutality of war.

I took great pleasure in writing Destiny's Warriors. Celtic myth and the wonderment of Pagan gods sent me on a journey that took 17 years to write all ten novels in the series. The brutality of human sacrifice to appease the gods is a part of history that is horrific. And, the idea of Gods having to deal with the same emotional issues as mortal man was fascinating for me to create. This wonderful journey into mystical realms guided me to continue and finish the saga. I tell of enchanted warriors, mystical creatures, and monsters such as Crimson Death and Banshees. The struggle to survive, heartache, betrayal, and rivalry are what my characters have to face in this fantasy. You'll cry, cringe in fear, and feel in awe at the romance as you read my tale. I hope you enjoy reading Destiny's Warriors.
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Any new releases on the horizon this year?
The Last Sacrifice is my release for the year 2010. I plan on spending this year marketing my books and doing book signings at Borders book stores throughout the spring and summer. Networking seems to have many benefits and the truth is I enjoy it so I guess I’ll spend lots of time on my Amazon discussions and like sites.

What are you working on right now?
I am working on book 3 in my series, thinking about changing the title so I won’t say it… ahh, there is my secret! Waa ha ha ha… it is always good to follow the mention of a secret with an evil laugh. Book 3 may cross some lines I suppose as it goes a little deeper into horror, yet still holds the fantasy theme. Torture, rape, slavery, cannibalism… lots to keep a person up at night when things go bump in the dark.  

Thank you for joining me, R.M. Putnam. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Visit my website for excerpts from my books, view artwork and purchase autographed copies of my books plus promotional items. It is also a great place to shop for Medieval Robes. One of my projects or I guess I can call it my job is making and selling medieval robes. Originally, I made the robes fashioned from the characters in my books. But, popular for Renaissance fairs, costume events and such, I began designing robes of all kinds.
There is contact information on my website if anyone has questions or would like to make a comment. In addition, I have pages set up about personal information about me and my son Michael to include many pictures. 

Excerpt from Destiny’s Warriors: The Last Sacrifice:

      The old man replied with a raspy voice, “They call me Murtagh, my Lord and I am at your service. I saw all that happened  . . . my son pushed me into the grain-house for my protection. I am the only survivor . . . I have lost everyone that mattered to me . . .  I lost everything . . .” 
      Calum nodded. “Murtagh  . . . due to all the devastation and the dead in Oppida, I ordered what remained burned to the ground. Sir, you can stay here within the castle grounds. You look too old to for heavy work. Therefore, I’ll have you see to the upkeep of the library, in exchange for room and board. Now, tell me everything.” 
      Murtagh took a deep breath, “Thank you, my lord  . . . I have no family left and nowhere to go.” Murtagh cleared his throat then continued, “IT, I call him IT because although he looked like a man . . .  he acted more like a beast . . .  a thing of evil . . .  IT killed everyone! The women and children! He didn’t just kill, but he bled them like . . . a bat . . . like a blood-sucking bat! The Lord of Blood  . . . is lower than a beast. He is a thing, not man, nor animal. He didn’t want a fight or war. When the people tried to fight him, I heard him say that he was only on a hunt. My Lord, he made such a statement as if the people were nothing more than rabbits or game birds. As you can imagine, chaos resulted…women and children screaming as they ran for escape. The men all took to arms but my Lord  . . . it was if they were in fact rabbit! Game for the kill! The Lord of Blood and his warriors appeared to take delight in killing and raping as if it were nothing more than sport! Near the door where I was hiding, I heard these evil warriors in conversation. I found out that they are from a realm called Altair where the God of Blood rules. The Lord of Blood is his son and they simply hunt humans to feed upon, they want no war  . . . My Lord, we are cattle to them! Then, I heard more voices but I could not understand their tongue. They spoke a language foreign to me.”
      “Do you know where Altair is  . . . the entrance?” asked Calum. 
      Murtagh shook his head. “I have no idea, my Lord.” 
      “Tell us what the Lord of Blood looks like?” asked Finn. 
      “I only saw the back of him from where I was hiding. I cannot describe him only that he appears to be a man dressed in layered robes and rode a fine stallion. Nevertheless, he can be no man. He is a demon!” 
      Finn handed Murtagh a horn of mead, taking notice the old man looked shaken to retell the event of the fall of his home and family. Calum then ordered a servant to see to it that they gave Murtagh comfortable quarters.
      Finn looked to Fiacha in worry. Calum asked, “What is it, Finn?” 
      Finn explained, “Gwyd told me once that the God of Blood and his clan are long time enemies of Samhain. He told me that the Great Samhain cursed the entrance to Altair, to protect humans and mystical creatures alike from the blood- thirsty man-beasts.” 
      Beltene nodded, “Yes, my father told me all about it. But the Lord of Blood never knew the Great Samhain. It’s the God of Blood that was the enemy  . . . the Lord of Blood had not been more yet as I understand it.” 
  Fiacha stood up, pacing as he explained, “In the family records  . . . I have read that the Great Samhain and the God of Blood had once been great friends but had a serious falling out over the faeries. Apparently, the God of Blood wanted to feed upon the faeries and Samhain refused to tell him how to gain entry into the Otherworld. Samhain felt he could not win a war against the Altairians so he simply cursed the entryway to Altair so they couldn’t leave.” 
      Overwhelmed with worry, Calum said, “I fear what we might be up against if the Great Samhain felt he could not fight this enemy. The Lord of Blood doesn’t want war but I cannot allow him to hunt my people down.” 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Killer Within by Jason Kahn

Title: The Killer Within
Release Date: September 2009
Author: Jason Kahn
Author Website
Publisher: Damnation Books
Buy Link
Genre: Paranormal thriller

When Metro City’s number one crime family develops a drug that turns ordinary people into mindless assassins, detective Frank Arnold makes it his mission to bring them down. But things take a turn for the worse when the syndicate targets someone in the police department to carry out their next hit. Everyone’s under suspicion, including Frank himself as he tries desperately to crack the case before his time runs out, permanently. 

Welcome Jason Kahn! What is your latest offering?
The Killer Within has been released as an e-book by Damnation Books. 

What is The Killer Within all about?
It’s a hardboiled detective story. The main character, Frank Arnold, is trying to solve a series of murders carried out by anonymous, average citizens who’ve been turned into unknowing killers by a drug that renders them utterly susceptible to commands. The word is out that the next assassin will be a cop. Will it be Frank? Will it be Frank’s partner? Everybody’s under suspicion as Frank steamrolls over anyone who gets in his way.

That sounds exciting. How did you come up with the idea?
The inspiration for The Killer Within came from just a chance occurrence. I was sitting in a cab in downtown Manhattan, listening to the news on the cab radio. There was a report about some random killing, the kind you unfortunately hear about every day. I don't know how or why, but it triggered this big WHAT IF question in my head: What if the killer didn't have any choice about it? What if through either a drug or brainwashing, he had been programmed to do what he did, without even knowing why? And that led to a lot of other interesting questions that started to form a hardboiled crime story in my head. I hadn't written anything in that genre before, so I was very excited to give it a try. It was whole lot of fun to write.

Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
I have had stories published in Baen’s UniverseThe Best of Gryphonwood 2007, and the anthology Strange Stories of Sand and Sea.

Here’s a secret that no one else knows (except my wife): I have enjoyed both of the Twilight movies, as well as the books. There, I admitted it. 

Any new releases on the horizon this year?
My story Cold Comfort will be published in the print version of Abandoned Towers Magazine in May.

What are you working on right now?
I write an ongoing paranormal crime series called The Dark InSpectre. It’s published courtesy of Abandoned Towers, and I post new episodes every two weeks. It’s very dark and SciFi, and it’s a lot of fun.

Thank you for joining me, Jason. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Anyone who wishes to keep up with my writerly pursuits, feel free to check out my websiteblog, or facebook page for more info., or just to say hi.

EXCERPT from The Killer Within:

They were the words Frank had longed to hear, words that would change his future, but he was no longer listening. The judge’s voice seemed to recede into the distance, and Frank felt a warm prickliness sweep across his scalp. His face felt flushed, and it was like his head was filled with cotton. He tried to speak but his mouth wouldn’t move. In a panic, Frank realized he couldn’t move at all. Then, as if someone else was controlling his body, Frank felt his hand move into his left pocket, curl itself around the handle of a gun he had not known was there.

In a flash it all became clear in his mind, little details from the past several days. The accountant had said Frank’s name and drawn his gun slowly. What kind of an assassin says their victim’s name? The hit must’ve been a fake, meant to convince him he was on the right track. And at the Herald building, Arturo only had enough men for a token resistance, nowhere near enough to guard a major shipment. And then that business about Hector setting Arturo up?
With horrifying clarity, Frank understood. It had all been a set up, the information, the fake hit, the bust at the Herald building, the guy in the uniform who’d just planted the piece on him in the hall, all arranged for one reason – to get Frank in this room before Judge Browers. Hector had given him a hero’s status, sacrificed some of his own men and even had Frank take care of Arturo, a thorn in his side. All to get Frank close to the judge, because without him, the task force would fall apart. The judge was the real target – which meant Frank had been a sleeper all along.
While Judge Browers droned on about the duties of the task force, Frank struggled to warn him, but it was useless. His vision constricted until all he saw was Judge Browers at the end of a dark tunnel. Helpless, Frank pulled the gun out of his pocket. All he could do was scream in silence.
Frank raised the gun. Judge Browers stopped talking, he stared at Frank, solemn-faced. As if from a great distance, Frank heard a commotion behind him. Doors slammed open, men shouted. Someone knocked his chair over, wrestling him to the floor. He pointed the gun, his finger squeezed the trigger, there was a shot. He felt a needle-sharp prick in his neck. Then there was nothing.