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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gingerbread Tryst by Nichelle Gregory

Title: Release Date: December 28, 2009
Author: Nichelle Gregory
Author website:
Publisher: Noble Romance
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Genre: Fairytale/Fantasy
Blurb: Meet Marisa, a restless homemaker who spends her time baking, masturbating and dabbling in magic.  Happily married, Marisa only wishes her husband Don could keep up with her insatiable need for sex.  She craves orgasms daily and her sex drive has become a sore spot in an otherwise happy marriage.

Determined to find a solution to ramp up Don’s libido, Marisa has turned to magic.  After trying magical amulets and oils, Marisa discovers a book that contains wish spells.  Throwing caution to the wind, Marisa experiments with a magical spell with the intention of making her naughty gingerbread cookie a real flesh and blood man!

Taken by surprise…literally, Marisa indulges in a delicious sexual rendezvous that ends up going further than she could have ever imagined.  A Gingerbread Tryst is a delightfully sexy tale filled with thrills and surprises! 

Welcome Nichelle Gregory, it’s nice to have you here. What is your latest Author Offering? 
The Gingerbread Tryst! 

What is The Gingerbread Tryst all about? 
A woman who is unhappy and restless, so she makes herself a play mate!

What was your inspiration? 
First, I love fairytales and I've always been fascinated by the story The Gingerbread Man story.  The idea of creating a delicious, naughty gingerbread man that actually came to life was too good to pass up!  I wanted to take the story and create a fun, sexy adult version for readers who like to read on the wild side!

Why the fairytale or fantasy genre? What’s the draw?  
Both provide the ultimate escape from reality where anything is possible.  I love creating characters and developing a setting without any limits on my creativity!

Now for the good stuff! It’s a brand new year, how did you celebrate New Years? 
With family, friends and chocolate martinis! 

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, care to share?
I'm resolved to write more, write well, and write what I love!

What do you have planned, publishing wise, for the New Year? 
Ok, well I have another sexy short in the works for my Erotic Enchantments series.  I've just about completed a hot full length paranormal book and I'm currently finishing up a fairytale novella! 

Good luck in all your endeavors in 2010, Nichelle, and thanks for joining me!

Rie, thanks for having me!  :0)

      Looking around her kitchen, Marisa tried to think of something harmless she could cast a wish spell on. She was curious and anxious to try the incantation, but she needed to test the spell on something first before using the magic on Don. Her eyes fell on the gingerbread cookie dough.
      She hurried back to the dough, rolling the softening ball flat with her wooden rolling pin as a delightfully naughty idea popped into her head. Grinning, she used her knife to carve out the biggest gingerbread man shape she had ever made. She placed raisins on the crown of the cookie for his hair, milk chocolate pieces for the eyes and nose, and added red hot candies for his mouth. She carefully piped blue frosting on the cookie for the shirt before standing back to look at her handiwork.
      Giggling, she carefully placed a cinnamon stick between the legs of the gingerbread man. With the cinnamon stick standing vertically, her aroused cookie looked like he had a very long cock. She added more raisins for his balls and used her knife to carve muscles into the arms of her cookie man.
      Marisa shook her head. If Don saw her now, standing here gawking at such a freaky creation, he’d be disgusted. Grabbing the book, she studied the incantation for the wish spell. The bookstore owner’s warning replayed in her head, but Marisa wondered what harm could come from wishing the cookie was a man . . . a real flesh and blood insatiable man. He would be just like the mischievous cookie in the classic fairytale from her childhood except he’d chase after her and . . . .
      Pound my pussy until I can’t take it anymore. Marisa laughed out loud at her dirty thoughts.
      She stared at the fragrant brown dough in front of her again, taking in a deep breath. What was she waiting for? The spell couldn’t possibly work. Exhaling, she quickly spoke the words of the wish spell before she could change her mind.
      For a few seconds, nothing happened. Marisa was just about to turn away when she noticed a twitch. The little gingerbread man had moved!
      Screaming, she backed away from the island until her bottom hit the wood cabinets behind her. She watched the cookie dough flutter and shake as it rolled back into a ball, then it traveled to the edge of the island and fell onto the floor.
      Breathing heavily, Marie stared in shock as a figure began to rise from behind the marble island. Her gingerbread man continued growing in height and thickness as she gripped the counter behind her, transfixed by the magical sight. She couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh and blood man now standing before her. He had sexy brown skin the color of molasses, soft black curls on the crown of his head, warm brown eyes and a full mouth turned up into the teasing smile she had designed. His muscles looked huge beneath the thin cotton blue shirt she had piped on just moments ago.
      She watched him walk toward her with slow, unsteady steps. He came from around the island, moving more rapidly as he gained his balance. A gasped escaped from her lips as her gaze traveled down over his flat, muscular stomach to the enormous erect cock bobbing in front him. The taut flesh was so big and long that despite her disbelief and fear, Marisa’s pussy began to tingle.
      “No, no, no! This isn’t happening!” She cried, moving away from her delectable fantasy turned flesh.
      “Run, run, run as fast as you can, I’m going to catch you . . . I’m your gingerbread man!” He called after her as she raced around the island.

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