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Friday, January 29, 2010

Paul's D'Marco by Leiland Dale

Title:  Paul’s D’Marco
Release Date:  January 9, 2010
Author:  Leiland Dale
Author Website
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Genre: Gay, Erotic, Suspense, Paranormal, Romance

Blurb:  Matt D'Marco has happily settled in his routine for years.  Now with a pending divorce, recently promoted Matt's life is about to take an entirely new direction. Matt's first case as detective turns out to be a challenge.  Desperation sets in when all leads in the child serial killer case leave the police department empty handed. Paul Whittington, psychic and medium, may be the only solution in finding a break in the case.   

Matt and Paul are forced to work together.  But when a work relationship turns into something more, it challenges everything Matt's known about himself, his life, and desires.  Then, a turn in the case could put everything at risk. In the end, can Paul win over Matt's resistance and claim him as his own?

Welcome Leiland! What is your latest offering?
I’ve just released my very first book Paul’s D’Marco, a suspense, paranormal, gay erotic romance.

Congratulations! What is Paul’s D’Marco all about?
Paul’s  D’Marco is about a straight police officer, Matt D’Marco whose life is in turmoil when his wife leaves him. He’s then promoted to detective when he moves to another city. He gets to work on his very first case but keeps running into dead ends. The captain solicits the help of his brother-in-law Paul Whittington, a psychic but as you expect, he isn’t welcomed with open arms. The longer these two end up working together things start heating up and Matt starts questioning his sexually and his attraction to Paul.

I can't wait to read this one! How did you come up with the idea?
Because I’m a psychic it was just natural for me to bring that into my first book. It was an experience writing this. This book’s inspiration also came from knowing some psychics that help police catch criminals. As for the love side of the story, sometimes it can be hard to be accepted and that is what part of this book is about, acceptance.

Tell me a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
I’m a new author writing gay erotic romance and hope to have my next release out real soon. A secret about myself? Wow, that is difficult. I’m naturally an open book so there isn’t much that people don’t know about me.

Any new releases on the horizon this year?
Yes. My next book When a Bluebird Calls is soon to be released. It’s currently in the stages of editing and I’m hoping to release it in February 2010.

What are you working on right now?
I’m currently working on two other books at the moment, A Prophecy of Destiny and The Fallen Guardian. I’ve had a couple of requests for the next book following Paul’s D’Marco, which I just might write sometime soon.

Thank you for joining me, Leiland. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
In the future, readers can expect books from different genres. I don’t like sticking to just one particular look or style for a book but instead whatever the characters demand. Readers can expect variety in my writing, not just the repetition of something else. 

Check out this 5 Nymph review from Literary Nymphs Reviews!
"Author Leiland Dale has written a very interesting, fast paced, novella that is part crime drama and part paranormal. The characters draw you in from the beginning and hold your interest until the end."


Paul's D'Marco


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      Walking into the terminal of the tiny airport, I don’t get that feeling of coming home. Yes, this is my hometown, but it’s just too much.  Tired of people unable to decide if they want to approach me or avoid me, I left for the preferred isolation of Forks a year or two ago.  I find people either avoid me because they’re homophobic or approach me because they’re curious to find out if a deceased relative has a message for them.
      All the hustle and bustle of the airport reminds me why I left in the first place. Dealing with the residents of the town is difficult enough but still having to deal with spirits of the dearly departed on top of that, is just too much.  The crowds are probably the most difficult with so many spirits so close together. It always feels like they are screaming at the top of their lungs directly in my ear.
      Collecting my luggage at the carousel I keep an eye out for the police officer my brother-in-law has sent to pick me up.  This is just what I need, a babysitter with a badge.
      As I step out to the front of the terminal, a police car pulls up to the curb.   I wait patiently for the police officer to get out of his car but I’m slowly becoming irate with the spirits talking in my ear.
      When the officer steps out of the car and turns to face me, I let out an audible gasp.  Never in my life have I ever seen a man this big.  A commanding six foot four god towers over me.  Muscles like huge irons bars, shoulders wide enough to hinder him from entering a doorway easily.  Short light brown tousled hair and those eye…..those brown puppy dog eyes. This was definitely the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I can’t take my eyes off the gorgeous Adonis approaching me.  Without realizing it at first, I lick my lips.  I can’t move.  I stand there, staring, unable to speak.
      “Hi.  Are you Paul Whittington?”  The officer holds out his hand as he approaches me.
        “Umm…Yes,” I stammer.  I braced myself, knowing I will have a vision the moment we touch. I reach out and shake his hand.  Nothing happens. Confused, I pull my hand back. This has never happened to me before.
      “The captain sent me to pick you up and bring you to the station before you get settled.” The gravelly voice was giving me goose bumps.  Still at a loss for words, I quickly divert my gaze to my luggage.  I can’t believe the instant desire I feel when our eyes first connect.  I can still feel the trembling of my knees as I try to bring myself under control and shake off the desire surging within me.
      “Let’s get your stuff loaded in the back so we can head to the station. The captain wants to speak to you.” I hear the officer mumble something under his breath as he gets into the car but I can’t make out a thing he says.
      I turn to the officer. “Are you always this rude, officer? Or is it just part of your charm?”
      “Listen, my name is Detective D’Marco not officer. And just so that we understand each other, I’ll make it clear and simple. I don’t believe in the hocus pocus you do and honestly I don’t give a shit. Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. I have a case to solve and having you hanging around is just giving me more work than I already have. I don’t have the time to be anyone’s babysitter,” he answers rudely as he pulls away from the curb.
      I sit staring at the detective in shocked silence.  My God.  Detective D’Marco is probably the most insufferable and uncouthly person I have ever met. He might be a breathtakingly beautiful Adonis, but still an insufferable ass.
      It looks like my life has just become a bit more complicated.


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      The silence in the car is a welcome reprieve from the chaotic thoughts going around in my head. What the fuck just happened? The moment I get out of the car and see Paul standing at the curb, I’m overwhelmed with lust like I haven’t experienced since I was a teenager.  What the hell?
      Paul, with the long brown hair with red and blonde streaks falling just below his shoulders, the greenest eyes and the most luscious lips I’ve ever seen on any human being literally makes my knees weak.  Remembering Paul bend over, throwing his suitcase in the back of the car has my cock hard in seconds. The five foot seven man sitting next to me in the confined space inside the car is much more impressive than the picture the captain showed me earlier. Much more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever dated,including my ex-wife.
      Never in my life have I thought of a man as beautiful.
      What the fuck is happening to me?  I’m shocked.  I divert my attention back to the road trying to get the uneasiness in my stomach and the hardness of my cock to subside.
      “So, are you one of the detectives working on this case?” he asks, interrupting the awkward silence and my uncomfortable thoughts.
      “Yes. This is a very delicate case and it looks like there might be a leak somewhere in the department.  Since the article hit the front page news a couple of days ago, Petersen and I, and now you, are the only ones assigned to this case.  We’re keeping a tight leash on it.” I say as I try to keep my attention off the beauty occupying the passenger seat.  What?!?  I just thought of a man as a beauty!  I try to keep my eyes and mind on the road.
      Catching movement out the corner of my eye, I turn my head and glance over at Paul and see him looking out the side window trying to discreetly wipe a stray tear from his cheek. I have the intense urge to pull the car over and hold the man in my arms to soothe him. Turning my attention back to the road ahead I wonder what has upset him to bring tears and the sad look to those beautiful eyes.
      After a moment of silence I hear him shift in his seat and I can feel his eyes watching me, intently.
      “Well, I’ll help where I can. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to give you any information.  We’ll need to see where it goes,” he says.  I grip the steering wheel tighter, and my knuckles begin to turn white. The urge to reach out a hand to clasp the one on Paul’s lap is overwhelming.  I don’t understand what is happening to me.  I’ve never felt this way.
      My thoughts go back to the latest crime scene, seeing the bodies of the blonde haired boys bring back an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
      “Yeah, we’ll see.” I grunt.  “We’ll be at the precinct soon.”
      Focusing on the road again, not another word is spoken.  I struggle with my thoughts and try to understand why I feel this way and where these feelings are coming from.  This is new and I feel shaken.  This is far from anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  Why do I feel this attraction to another man?  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  These thoughts begin to cross my mind at a million miles per hour. 
Out of the corner of my eye, I can see he’s still lost in thought, looking out the window.  I’d give anything to know what he’s thinking about right now. 
Paul's D'Marco Excerpt © 2009 Leiland Dale - All rights reserved

Friday, January 22, 2010


Title: To Seduce A Soulmate
Release Date: December 15, 2009
Author: Laura Tolomei
Author Website
Publisher: eXtasy Books
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Genre: Gay, Holiday, Contemporary, m/f, m/m, m/m/f 

Blurb: Finding a soul mate was the easy part. To seduce him proved Martin’s hardest challenge for nothing in Pirate Drake’s black intriguing eyes seemed to recognize the one person destiny had selected for him. But can the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas be enough to convince him of the contrary in spite of his dilemmas about gender, feelings, connections and sex or can Pirate Drake find a way around the burning desire, the erotic heat, the uncontrollable passion wrecking his senses at Martin’s mere sight?

Welcome Laura!
Hello, Rie, it’s always a pleasure to be here.

What is your latest offering?
Hot off eXtasy’s press, it’s called To Seduce A Soulmate.

What is To Seduce A Soulmate all about?
It’s all about soul mates, not the finding them part, which is difficult in itself, but the convincing them part, an even more difficult task. And I must admit, Martin has a hard time to prove to Drake he’s his true Soul Mate, the One destiny chose from the start to complete the dark pirate, his missing half as Plato wrote. Too bad for Pirate Drake it all boils down to a gender issue, an insignificant detail in Martin’s mind if compared to the sheer luck of having found one’s missing piece. And since Drake refuses to accept this simple fact, Martin has no choice but to take the path of slow seduction that hopefully will makes his potential soul mate question his convictions. But will it be enough to make Drake change his mind? 

That sounds very HOT! How did you come up with the idea?
A friend of mine couldn’t stop talking about one of the managers in her company. She told me so much about him that I started imagining him, making up motives for why he behaved in a cetain way until Martin sprung to life and begun telling me his tale on how To Seduce A Soulmate.

Tell me about your past releases and a little secret about yourself that no one else knows—I promise I won’t tell!
I’ve got quite a back list by now, Rie, which include:
Trespassing All Hallows Eve, my first release in October 2008
Divinitas, January 2009, a unique three stories in one about two souls reincarnating to quench their burning passion and taste for the divine
Sacrificial Sex, March 2009, a 2010 EPPIE finalist in the horror category
Roman Seduction, June 2009, which has received enormous consensus from many reviewers
Spying the Alcove, August 2009, a unique archeological tale written with two different narrating voices, one in third, the other in first person POV
Bloody Passion, October 2009, a very first for me since the horror it describes is written in a man’s first person POV.

All these are published with eXtasy Books.

Now, although I’m not sure I can trust you not to tell, I’ll go ahead and tell you my secret! I get scared stiff from horror movies and books. Honest! I can’t stand them, never could, never even tried. Certainly never read the books in my life and the few, very few, horror movies I saw, didn't let me sleep for days. The images tortured me every time I closed my eyes. And you want to know what’s really funny about all this? As an author, I’m making a name for myself in the horror and paranormal genre. Ha, life’s really strange, isn’t it? The one thing I’ve no knowledge of is also the same that comes most easily to my imagination and I’ve had no trouble describing it in all its gory details, including a human sacrifice Aztec style in Sacrificial Sex. Well, maybe that’s why it’s a nominee for the 2010 EPPIE Awards LOL

Any new releases on the horizon this year?
Absolutely yes. February 1st is the starting date of my new series, Virtus, a fantasy, paranormal saga about a prince, his lover, his woman and a mysterious three-sided
pyramid. In the first release, The Sex, out February first from eXtasy Books, my heroes get to know each other intimately, I’d say, and set off on a journey that will uncover the truth about themselves and their world, Sendar. In the second release, The  Game, the journey continues inside a twisted erotic game that will try to prevent our heroes from returning the three-sided pyramid to where it belongs. And if all hell breaks loose, they have only their lusts to blame.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on a new release for Whiskey Creek Press. This is a new publisher for me so I’m very excited by the switch, not to mention the novel. Strictly gay and paranormal as in my best style, Tasting Leon’s Mark is a contemporary ménage, which starts from two soul’s reincarnation after a bloody yet passionate chase through lifetimes, only to take them to a new level, both personally and together. But it’s also a story about choices, genders, compromises and coming to terms with one’s feelings, however unwanted they may be. Here’s a sneak preview of blurb and excerpt.

  The world is full of hunters and their preys. But some preys can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. And not always surrender is the weak’s alternative. Surprisingly, it can turn out to create new connections or balance pre-existing ones, which is what Leon, Sean and Janet will find out in a dangerously seductive game of sex and revelation.

PG excerpt
   Leon grinned. “I’m glad to know I was right all along.” He reached to touch his prey’s limp cock. “Your reactions were surprising to say the least.”
   “For me, too.” The blond beauty took a deep breath. “I’ve always believed women didn’t attract me. When I saw them half-naked at the beach or on magazines, I didn’t feel anything, physically I mean. When I see a man, instead, every sense becomes alert, my mind starts picturing sex with him, even if I don’t like him that much. This has never happened with a woman.”
   “If it makes you feel better, it didn’t this time either. You liked one woman, which doesn’t mean you have to like them all. Like me, I only feel something for you, not for men in general.”
   The blond beauty was silent for a while. “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t know—”
   Leon forced him to turn around and look straight into his eyes. “You’re just worried you’ll lose your gay identity if you admit you like a woman. But I know you’re much too intelligent to let generalizations blind you. Gay doesn’t define you. It simply limits your choices. You’re a person, first of all, who happens to have his own particular tastes, which should never, ever become a label.”
   The dazzling blue eyes flashed in anger. “Funny of you to talk like this since you’re the first to deny our relationship, afraid to let people know you’re doing it with a man.”
   Leon searched the beautiful face for a moment. “You’re right, it’s my problem, too. If I haven’t told anyone, except Janet—”
   “The Kitty?”
   Leon grinned at the appellative. “Right. I guess in a way I have the same problem, as if by admitting I liked you, I was denying what I always felt was my heterosexual nature.”
   “That’s what defines us, lover.”
   “Well, it shouldn’t because we miss out on life’s infinite possibilities. And we, above anyone else, should make it true for our current lives since we denied it in our previous ones.”

Thank you for joining me, Laura. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Thank you, Rie, for having me. As a last thing, I’d like to leave your readers the links where they can find me.



Oddly though, his greatest boost came from the man on the opposite side of him. Green eyes flashing mischievously, Martin goaded him to surrender to the pleasure, playing a game that did not include the woman at all. She became irrelevant, her body used only to connect the two of them in a greater pleasure they could share together, however impossible that sounded. And Martin wrapped him into a magic all his own, which the pirate soon discovered inescapable. With a groan, he sustained the green provocation  pushing into the woman’s mouth at the same rhythm Martin shoved in her pussy.
“So you appreciate the game,” the blond devil grinned, evidently understanding Drake’s reactions. “But let’s make it more interesting.” Without waiting for confirmation, he slipped out, flipping the woman down on her back.
She did not complain, especially when he grabbed her legs to pull them up to his chest. “You know what I’m gonna do now, right, Pirate?” Martin’s Irish accent taunted.
With a shiver, Drake realized he knew exactly what the devil meant so it was no surprise to see her ass come up in front of the hungry cock. Flashing a grin, Martin pushed into the narrow hole just as Drake settled on his knees to reach for her open mouth. They pumped her together one more time almost moving at the same tempo, the game focused on them alone, uncaring about the woman. To Drake, it felt as if he was having sex only with Martin, without the intermediary, excitement flowing like an electrical current directly between them.
“But we could be closer,” Martin suggested. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gingerbread Tryst by Nichelle Gregory

Title: Release Date: December 28, 2009
Author: Nichelle Gregory
Author website:
Publisher: Noble Romance
Buy Link
Genre: Fairytale/Fantasy
Blurb: Meet Marisa, a restless homemaker who spends her time baking, masturbating and dabbling in magic.  Happily married, Marisa only wishes her husband Don could keep up with her insatiable need for sex.  She craves orgasms daily and her sex drive has become a sore spot in an otherwise happy marriage.

Determined to find a solution to ramp up Don’s libido, Marisa has turned to magic.  After trying magical amulets and oils, Marisa discovers a book that contains wish spells.  Throwing caution to the wind, Marisa experiments with a magical spell with the intention of making her naughty gingerbread cookie a real flesh and blood man!

Taken by surprise…literally, Marisa indulges in a delicious sexual rendezvous that ends up going further than she could have ever imagined.  A Gingerbread Tryst is a delightfully sexy tale filled with thrills and surprises! 

Welcome Nichelle Gregory, it’s nice to have you here. What is your latest Author Offering? 
The Gingerbread Tryst! 

What is The Gingerbread Tryst all about? 
A woman who is unhappy and restless, so she makes herself a play mate!

What was your inspiration? 
First, I love fairytales and I've always been fascinated by the story The Gingerbread Man story.  The idea of creating a delicious, naughty gingerbread man that actually came to life was too good to pass up!  I wanted to take the story and create a fun, sexy adult version for readers who like to read on the wild side!

Why the fairytale or fantasy genre? What’s the draw?  
Both provide the ultimate escape from reality where anything is possible.  I love creating characters and developing a setting without any limits on my creativity!

Now for the good stuff! It’s a brand new year, how did you celebrate New Years? 
With family, friends and chocolate martinis! 

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, care to share?
I'm resolved to write more, write well, and write what I love!

What do you have planned, publishing wise, for the New Year? 
Ok, well I have another sexy short in the works for my Erotic Enchantments series.  I've just about completed a hot full length paranormal book and I'm currently finishing up a fairytale novella! 

Good luck in all your endeavors in 2010, Nichelle, and thanks for joining me!

Rie, thanks for having me!  :0)

      Looking around her kitchen, Marisa tried to think of something harmless she could cast a wish spell on. She was curious and anxious to try the incantation, but she needed to test the spell on something first before using the magic on Don. Her eyes fell on the gingerbread cookie dough.
      She hurried back to the dough, rolling the softening ball flat with her wooden rolling pin as a delightfully naughty idea popped into her head. Grinning, she used her knife to carve out the biggest gingerbread man shape she had ever made. She placed raisins on the crown of the cookie for his hair, milk chocolate pieces for the eyes and nose, and added red hot candies for his mouth. She carefully piped blue frosting on the cookie for the shirt before standing back to look at her handiwork.
      Giggling, she carefully placed a cinnamon stick between the legs of the gingerbread man. With the cinnamon stick standing vertically, her aroused cookie looked like he had a very long cock. She added more raisins for his balls and used her knife to carve muscles into the arms of her cookie man.
      Marisa shook her head. If Don saw her now, standing here gawking at such a freaky creation, he’d be disgusted. Grabbing the book, she studied the incantation for the wish spell. The bookstore owner’s warning replayed in her head, but Marisa wondered what harm could come from wishing the cookie was a man . . . a real flesh and blood insatiable man. He would be just like the mischievous cookie in the classic fairytale from her childhood except he’d chase after her and . . . .
      Pound my pussy until I can’t take it anymore. Marisa laughed out loud at her dirty thoughts.
      She stared at the fragrant brown dough in front of her again, taking in a deep breath. What was she waiting for? The spell couldn’t possibly work. Exhaling, she quickly spoke the words of the wish spell before she could change her mind.
      For a few seconds, nothing happened. Marisa was just about to turn away when she noticed a twitch. The little gingerbread man had moved!
      Screaming, she backed away from the island until her bottom hit the wood cabinets behind her. She watched the cookie dough flutter and shake as it rolled back into a ball, then it traveled to the edge of the island and fell onto the floor.
      Breathing heavily, Marie stared in shock as a figure began to rise from behind the marble island. Her gingerbread man continued growing in height and thickness as she gripped the counter behind her, transfixed by the magical sight. She couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh and blood man now standing before her. He had sexy brown skin the color of molasses, soft black curls on the crown of his head, warm brown eyes and a full mouth turned up into the teasing smile she had designed. His muscles looked huge beneath the thin cotton blue shirt she had piped on just moments ago.
      She watched him walk toward her with slow, unsteady steps. He came from around the island, moving more rapidly as he gained his balance. A gasped escaped from her lips as her gaze traveled down over his flat, muscular stomach to the enormous erect cock bobbing in front him. The taut flesh was so big and long that despite her disbelief and fear, Marisa’s pussy began to tingle.
      “No, no, no! This isn’t happening!” She cried, moving away from her delectable fantasy turned flesh.
      “Run, run, run as fast as you can, I’m going to catch you . . . I’m your gingerbread man!” He called after her as she raced around the island.