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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With T.M. Hunter

Title: Heroes Die Young
Release Date: September 1, 2008
Author: Todd Hunter (writing as T. M. Hunter)
Author Website:
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Action-Adventure

Blurb: Space pirate Aston West is drawn into the intrigue surrounding a derelict freighter and its beautiful, mysterious Captain.

Welcome Todd! What is your latest offering?
Heroes Die Young, an action-packed piece of space opera (or as I like to call it, science fiction for the rest of us) featuring space pirate Aston West.

What is Heroes Die Young all about?
In Heroes Die Young, Aston stumbles upon what he believes is an abandoned freighter and being a pirate, tries to take the remaining cargo. Unfortunately, there’s one survivor on board, the beautiful Captain Rione Sc’lari. She doesn’t take too kindly to him being there, but circumstances dictate Aston has to save her from certain destruction. That sets off a chain reaction of events which leads Aston on a futile attempt to try his hardest at getting out of the situation, to continue on with his previous path of self-preservation. In the end, he discovers he’s stumbled into something far bigger than a simple cargo run gone wrong and has to make the ultimate choice whether to steer clear of trouble or become the hero he once was.

That sounds exciting. How did you come up with the idea?
Heroes Die Young actually started out from a dream I’d had, in which a spaceship was being destroyed all around someone. When I woke up, I immediately picked up my notepad and began jotting down notes based on the dream, questions to spur thoughts about what someone was doing on-board a ship, why the ship was there in the first place, and who was trying to destroy it. That led to even more questions and notes, and the process continued until I finally had a story fleshed out. Ultimately, the original dream became the basis for the last portion of the first chapter of the book (which can be found as a free excerpt over at my website).

Tell me about your past releases and a little something about yourself!
Heroes Die Young is actually my first released novel and has been a really popular book, picking up Champagne Books’ Best-Selling Book of 2008 Award (despite the fact it was only out for the last three months of the year). Most of my past publications, though, have been stories in electronic and print magazines such as Ray Gun Revival, Residential Aliens and Golden Visions Magazine, and the short story format is one I enjoy writing in far more than longer pieces. I have a bit of an attention span problem, so tend to get bogged down and bored easily when writing anything that takes a while to put together. All of my published stories are available on my website, through links to the magazines the stories appeared in.
As for myself, I came from fairly humble beginnings, raised in a rural area of northeast Kansas by my parents, both teachers. My mother taught English, which most likely explains my obsession with writing. Even so, I’ve always had a massive fascination with aircraft, spacecraft, travel to other worlds, you name it. In fact, all of that led me to eventually pick up a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. And as most writers know, our love for this business is rarely a money-maker, so I use my degree (and my day job) to support my writing obsession.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I do have several stories under contract with multiple magazines, but timing for some can be tricky since I sometimes don’t even know the story is scheduled for a specific issue until the actual issue comes out. The best way to keep track of what has come out would be to frequently visit my website, or follow me on my various social networking hangouts (Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter).
The biggest project I have on the way is my next Aston West novel, Friends in Deed, which is scheduled for release from Champagne Books in January 2010. This book is a bit darker than the first, but has everything fans of Aston West have come to expect and enjoy: Action, adventure, hints at romance, and an acerbic wit that Aston tends to have more often than not.
As for work in the pipeline, stories continue flowing out, and my third Aston West novel is nearing completion. I do have a few other pieces in work (notably my NaNo novel from last year) that are not directly Aston West-related, but it’s not polite to keep his fans waiting so my primary focus is going to be on his novel and stories. *smile*

Thank you for joining me, Todd. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Thanks for having me! I enjoyed the interview!
For any readers out there, I thoroughly enjoy feedback, so feel free to contact me at any time (contact info is on the site, or through my online haunts) with questions or comments on my book, stories, or anything else that comes to mind. My website also has plenty of free material to peruse, so everyone should make sure to check it out. Enjoy the reads!


  1. As Todd's editor for "Friends In Deed" I can promise readers a wonderful story. Todd is a great writer whose work needed little editing. He has a natural sense of story and keeps the plot alive throughout. I've also read "Heroes Die Young, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to more Adam West adventures and am proud of the very small part I played in preparing his work for you, the reader.

  2. Oops! Too much Batman, I guess. I meant I look forward to more Aston West adventure.


  3. As long as you don't refer to him as Ashton, he's good with whatever people want to call him. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by, Judy!

  4. Great interview! I especially liked finding out that Heroes Die Young seedlings came from a dream. Who knows, maybe Aston West really does exist, and you are channeling him through your dreams. Z: Don't mind Ang, she gets carried away. A: Am not getting carried away. It could happen! Z: Sure it could. A: Read the book, Zi, and you'll become a believer. It reads as if it really happened.

  5. Aston does exist. ;-)

    Actually, my next novel (FRIENDS IN DEED) contains a scene that was born from a dream as well...though it didn't set the novel itself into motion, it did direct which way the novel ended up.

    Fun times!

    Thanks for stopping by, the both of you!

  6. Interesting interview. Dreams are amazing and useful. Keep a pen, flashlight, and notebook handy for continued success!


  7. Definitely! I tend to keep them close by at all times. One never knows when inspiration will strike.