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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

With Gracen Miller

Title:  Elfin Blood
Release Date:  October 19, 2009
Author: Gracen Miller
Author Website:
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Buy Link:
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Elf/Vampire

Scorned by her own kind for her half-breed elf status, Julija lives a lonely existence among her Ivory Elf kin. She is the only one the elves can trust when a magical book in elf lore is stolen. Relegated to steal the Book from the vampire thief, Landau Jamieson, she's surprised to discover he has the ability to walk in daylight. Refusing to be deterred by developing setbacks, she’s committed to executing the heist for an Ivory King who grows more desperate to possess the Book. Nothing about the vampire is as it appears and Julija begins to doubt her mission. Worse, she begins to worry she won't have the strength to guard her heart from her sworn enemy. 

Landau is fascinated by the elf stalking him and baffled by the potent hunger she elicits after ten thousand years of celibacy. Soon he discovers the lovely sprite is a pawn in a dangerous game--orchestrated by none other than a reviled enemy from his past. While blind-sided by her beauty and her magical powers, the least of which is the spell she casts on his heart, the sinister plot unfolds. What started out as folly to catch a thief, blossoms into a love that casts aside bloodlines and forges all boundaries.

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

Thanks for having me, Rie. It’s a pleasure to be here.  Elfin Blood is my latest offering, released on October 19, 2009, with Noble Romance Publishing.  Publishing is an exciting adventure and I’m thankful Jill Noble took a chance on this book.  I adore the characters and I hope the readers will too.

What is Elfin Blood all about?

Julija is a renowned thief among her Ivory Elf kin and Landau is a vampire.  But he’s not a basic vampire, there is a twist to what he really is.  Both are hiding secrets and I like to think it is explosive—or at least explosive in the bedroom—when they discover all of their secrets.

That sounds very cool. How did you come up with the idea?

I knew I wanted to broaden the scope of my paranormal writing.  I am passionate about vampires, but I didn’t want to get stuck in the rut of writing the same paranormal characters over and over again.  Basically, ten years from now I didn’t want readers to say, “Oh, look, Gracen’s written another vampire book.”  *insert yawn*  LOL  So, I tried to capitalize on a creature I knew little to nothing about, an elf.  When I started setting the elf parameters I approached them as mystical beings, with different societal hierarchies.  I incorporated some of the basics I knew about them—pointy ears and a broad belief that they’re immortal, with dainty, beautiful creatures—and then tweaked them with my own “lore” and physical attributes.  But, while Landau is a vampire, he isn’t the basic vampire either.  In my head, he’s an exotic vampire.  LOL  And I don’t mean just sexy, but he’s not created from human DNA, so yeah, a mixed up exotic concoction.  He is more than what he appears to be on the surface.  If there was ever a “pureblood” vampire source, he would be it.  

Not all of the storyline came to me at the beginning.  I write without an official outline, but rather I have a basic outline mapped out in my head that is reassessed with each chapter and sometimes the storyline surprises me going in places or directions I hadn’t originally intended, often times, for the better.  For instance, the excerpt posted at Noble, I had no plan to write Julija as a Jewel Master, but it seemed appropriate for her character and the idea just “came” to me as I wrote that scene.  I never know what my muse is going to do.  He can either be a difficult, pain in my ass bitch or an imagination god that I devoutly worship!  LOL  Our relationship is a bit manic. ;-)  If you heard the conversations he and I have, you’d have me committed.  :D

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

Well, it wasn’t my first offering, but it is now.  The Devil’s Den was released by Firedrakes Weyr Publishing April 1, 2008, but Firedrakes has since closed its doors.  Reviews of The Devil’s Den were consistently 5 out of 5 and author reviews just as redeeming.  So, hopefully, with some heavy edits, I can find a new home for it.  But, at the moment, Elfin Blood, is all I have available.  I have another book submitted to Ellora’s Cave, but I am still awaiting a yea or nay from them on the full manuscript.  My nails should be worn to the quick by now from the anxiety!  ;-)

What can we expect from you in the future, Gracen?

At the moment I’m working on two books.  DragonBlood is a sequel to the book subbed to Ellora’s Cave and it involves a witch and dragon-shifter.  It doesn’t help that she’s killing his dragoons.  Soooooo, not a great start to their relationship.  LOL  Demon Eyes is about a demon hunter that hooks up with Satan’s daughter who has gone rogue, but that doesn’t mean she’s changed her demonic ways.  Sparks are already flying in that one. 

My favorite characters are evil, they don’t deserve redemption, but find it anyway and typically where they expected it the least.  The Devil’s Den was written on this foundation.  That’s what I’m trying to bring to DragonBlood and Demon Eyes, a mixture of horror and romance…“horrmance” maybe?  ;-)  I’m a horror fanatic, but I can’t read enough romances either.  An odd combination, I know, but it’s what makes me tick.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Thanks for having me!  I can be found at a bunch of different places online and I’d love for everyone to join me.  Come chat about your favorite books or even your family and your hobbies!
My website
Noble Romance Publishing Ning
Ravenouos Romance Ning
Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem
Wicked, Thorn & Roses

Their eyes held as he tossed her denims over his shoulders. He buried his hand in her hair, kneading her scalp with his fingers.
“This.” His palm flattened over her bare pussy and she flinched at the jolt of heat shooting through her. “Is beautiful.”
He tugged against her hair, holding her steady as he leaned over her and put his mouth to her breasts through the thin fabric. The scrape of his teeth against the cloth caused her to whimper and arch beneath him.
“Can you tone it down a bit,” he asked, grazing his fangs along the underside of her breast.
“Tone what down?”
“The music.” He rose to his knees, his features pinched.
“I’m not making that music.” Julija was too busy trying to catch her breath to worry about the melody. The pads of his fingers rolled her nipples through the fabric while the palm of his other hand rubbed the outer folds of her sex. She squirmed, itching to press her thighs together to alleviate her escalating arousal.
“Of course you are. You’re a Jewel Master. They’re singing your lust.”
Julija touched him for the first time, tracing his wide, sexy lips with her finger—lips she’d fantasized about. 
“I’m not a Jewel Master,” she said, baffled by his statement.  She traced the point of a protruding fang. “Ow!” she cried, jerking her finger back to peer at the blood beading the pad of her index finger.
Quick as a snake striking, he reached out and placed her finger against the center of his lips. Mired between fascination and horror, she watched as he used her blood to paint his mouth red. Landau licked his lips. The pleasure flaring across his face nearly brought her to orgasm. Again, he painted his lips with her blood, his eyes rolling with delight when he swiped the moisture away.
Landau dragged his tongue over her finger, cleansing the blood from her flesh. He squeezed and blood beaded to the surface. Again, he licked the digit like it was his personal lollipop. She gyrated beneath him, undulated her hips into his thigh. Had she missed the anatomy lesson that said fingers were erogenous zones?
He sucked her finger into his mouth, his gaze holding hers steady as he sipped nourishment from the tiny wound. A moan tore from her. He suckled again, a hard drag that tweaked her clitoris.
“Mmm.” She moaned, arching her back, needing him inside her.
A grin skirted his lips as her vampire suckled. She cried out as an orgasm jerked through her, surprising and embarrassing her.
Landau chuckled. “You’re easy, Jewel Master.”
Easy, yes.  Sex-starved too.
“I don’t know what that is.” Her ragged breath hitched as she tried to orient herself and follow the conversation.
“How can you not?” His brows met his hairline, showing his surprise. “Jewel Masters are rare, but still . . . .” He eyed her speculatively. “You’re joking, right?”
Julija didn’t think she could muster a verbal response so she shook her head.  
“I’ll show you,” he said, his gaze determined. He looked at the jewels surrounding them on the bed, his fingers skimming through them until he located a diamond at least ten carats in size. He pressed the flat side against a nipple. “Can you feel it vibrating?”
“Yes.” She strangled on the word. The vibration against her nipple was connected to her vagina.
“Only a Jewel Master can make it do that.” Landau trailed the diamond to the other breast and smiled at her moan of pleasure. “I’m not a Jewel Master,” he said. “Wood Elves create Jewel Masters.” He clarified the last sentence with, “I don’t have Wood Elf in me. You do.”
Mischief darkened his gaze as he dragged the vibrating diamond down her belly, circled her navel and then slid it downward to the flesh at the apex of her thighs.
As if entranced, Landau spread her vaginal lips and pressed the gem against her clitoris. The diamond acted like a tiny, wicked vibrator.
Five seconds. She panted. Ten seconds. She panted faster. Fifteen sec— She climaxed a second time. The diamond launched into hyper-vibration drive, the harmony wobbled her eardrums, the melody so loud, Landau flinched.
He slid the rock lower, soaking the crystal with her wetness. He pressed the gemstone against her entrance; the humming diamond grew louder, vibrated rapidly against her swollen flesh.
Grimacing at the decibel level, Landau removed the stone from her body. “Proof,” Landau said, sounding strangled. When she focused on him, his eyes turned blood red and he looked turned-on, like her. “You’re a Jewel Master.”

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