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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With C.R. Moss

Title: In the Spirit
Release Date: October 15, 2009
Author: C.R. Moss
Author Website:
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Buy Link:
Genre: Menage, Paranormal, Romance

BlurbCan love heal Death's soul?  Tresa Grauenvoll had the perfect life.  Beautiful, intelligent, engaged to Jurgen Elman, lord of a vast estate, she couldn’t have wished for more.  Then two weeks before her wedding, Tresa is accused of the ultimate betrayal--treason. Sentenced to die by the love of her life, she’s hanged for crimes she did not commit. As her life ebbs away, supernatural intervention transforms her from country gentry to Grim Reaper, exiles her to a foreign land and forces her to harvest souls.  For centuries she has waited for the man who condemned her to cross paths with her once again so she can exact her revenge.
Immortal Ned Odognagap and his girlfriend, Katie, are witnesses for Artim and Jenna’s Halloween wedding and conversion ceremony that will change Jenna from human to immortal. It’s the perfect time of year for the events since the veil between worlds is the thinnest and those who have passed can join the festivities.

Ned has one problem, though. Tresa, the woman he knew and loved when he was called Jurgen, has returned with a vengeance. Can Ned withstand Tresa’s torment long enough, without driving Katie insane in the process, to find out and explain what happened that fateful day and tell Tresa he loves her still? Or will he and Katie succumb to death’s ire?

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

My latest release is In the Spirit.

What is In the Spirit all about?

It’s about a woman, Tresa, who was condemned to a life of loneliness as the Grim Reaper. Her love, Jurgen, accused her of something she didn’t do and another man who wanted her, and whom she spurned, turned her into the death spirit. In his guilt and distress, Jurgen becomes an immortal. When Tresa crosses paths with Jurgen, who had changed his name to Ned, and his girlfriend, life and death take an interesting turn.

That sounds kind of spooky! How did you come up with the idea?

It’s a sequel to a holiday story, Holiday SpiritsIn the Spirit revolves around the Halloween time period and the thinning of the veil. When the veil thins, spirits can come through easier and that’s how that idea started. 

I know you have quite a backlist, C.R. Tell the readers about some of your other work.

One of my main series revolves around a distant planet and its star system ~ the Si’Ludo books… When I first started writing Postponing Eternity (book 1 in the Si’Ludo Prophesy series), the novel was going to be a full-on vampire story, but it wasn’t flowing the way I really wanted it to. So I put it to the side and continued to work on a story line about Wiccan triplet sisters. When I learned eXtasy Books was looking for manuscripts I finished the sisters’ books with Postponing Eternity in mind. That’s when the whole idea for my Si’Ludo world morphed into what it is now. The Si’Ludo books (1st series: The Mystics, which comprises The Si’Ludo Sisters series and an extra story and the 2nd series: The Si’Ludo Prophesy) follow beings from another world who escaped from war and destruction in their star system to Earth. The good guys have special powers and psychic vampire abilities and the bad guys have special powers as well and are more like your blood sucking vampires. The Mystics (in print) comprise four erotic romance stories that tell about the lives of three sisters on earth and one lone woman exiled to an icy moon far from her home planet. The erotic series shows the people’s sexual natures. The Prophesy books deal more with why the beings came to earth, the battle between the separated Si’Ludoians and allude to their future. Of course there’s romance thrown in between the main characters as they deal with their alien-ness and humanity. I’m hoping to continue writing about the Si’Ludo system in a couple more series.
Other series of mine include:
~ Those that follow sexy demon, Ash. The stories in this series so far are (listed in order): Dirty Little Secret, Dirty Little Lie and Dirty Little Trip (& Dirty Little Girl will be available in May 2010)
~ Those that follow forgotten Gods and Goddesses. The stories in this series so far are (listed in order): Holiday Spirits and In the Spirit
~ Those that follow a family of vampires. These stories can be found in eXtasy’s anthologies (listed in order): Sanguinary Seductions – A Stone’s Throw: Addi, Emerald Envisage – A Stone’s Throw: Emma & coming Winter/Spring 2010 will be Café Nowhere – A Stone’s Throw: Miss Q
I also have two single titles available: Concealed Affairs, which is a contemporary romantic suspense, and The Decision, which is based off the Wheel of Fortune tarot card for eXtasy’s tarot series.

What can we expect from you in the future, C.R. Moss?

I have a series contracted with Devine Destinies titled Look What the Cat Dragged In. It’s about a black cat familiar who likes to play matchmaker with his mistress and her friends and family. Those books are due out in 2010. I also have a couple of other contracted stories with eXtasy Books for 2010 and I’m working on a shifter/vamp series.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Readers can find out more about me at my website and visiting on Mondays.

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