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Monday, November 9, 2009

With Collette Thomas

Release Date:  October 25, 2009 
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Genre:  Erotic/Contemporary/Romantic Comedy

Blurb: Valerie Valenti dreams the same dream every night: night fantasies that have her reaching out to a handsome stranger, Russ Harper. When she meets sexy CEO Ross Hanley at a business meeting, she believes she has just met the man in her dreams.  She’s ready to enjoy every one of her night fantasies with this man.  But is Ross Hanley ready as well? 

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Welcome to Author Offerings, Collette Thomas! What is your latest offering?  

Night Fantasies is my newest release at Aspen Mountain Press. 

What is Night Fantasies all about?

This is an erotic contemporary romantic comedy about my heroine Valerie Valenti who has the same dream night after night.  In the dream she meets a very sexy handsome man (Russ Harper) on a cruise ship that is sailing through exotic Caribbean waters. 

Valerie and Russ meet in the ship’s lounge and dance the night away end up enjoying hot passionate sex together.  (Who wouldn’t want love to have that dream?) 

Valerie wakes up from her dream and of course is very disappointed that this has only been just that--a sexy dream that pretty much leaves her unfulfilled. 

Valerie owns and runs her own catering service and has acquired a new client, R&H Enterprises.  She meets with them to discuss menu options for their various corporate meetings when the CEO walks into that meeting.  Valerie suddenly realizes this man, whose name happens to be Ross Hanley, and is eerily similar to the man in her dreams,  could he be the man of her dreams? 

Without telling too much more of the story, let’s say that readers will not (I promise) view a wedding cake in quite the same way again.  I know when I even see a picture of a wedding cake there is a scene in the story that instantly replays itself inside my mind!

That sounds like a lot of fun, and I can't wait to read that wedding cake scene! How did you come up with the idea?

Blush – Actually some years ago I experienced a similar type of dream (thankfully it was only for one night) and that dream sparked the idea for Night Fantasies, which was originally titled A Catering Affair.  Unfortunately, I have not met that man in my dream yet, but I’m still hoping. 

I know you have quite a backlist, Collette, tell me about some of your other books.

Yes, my list of published stories is growing and sometimes I have to think of what is on that list. 

We can start out with Deadly Secrets, which is an erotic romantic suspense available at Noble Romance Publishing.  Basically the story is about a woman who is stalked by an ex husband.  She falls in love with a police officer/martial artists who in spite of his abilities harbors doubts about whether he can protect her from a man who is hell bent on getting his ex back at any cost.  This story has some bdsm and so this might not be for the faint of heart.

Another story of mine that I feel is comparable in a way to Night Fantasies, i.e. on the lighter side is Sex Toys and Naughty Boys at Noble Romance Publishing.  The story is basically about what a wife resorts to after she discovers that her husband of twenty some years has ordered a slew of sex toys.  This produces some serious doubts about her ability to satisfy him sexually within their marriage.  Again, this story encompasses some bdsm, as well as dominatrix stuff so might not be for the faint of heart.  The story does take a few twists and turns and in the end I feel it does produce a very satisfying ending for readers.

I’m working on a series I refer to as the Todd Hollow series.  The first book Deadly Games is now available at Damnation Books, and the second book in that series Deadly Affair is scheduled for a December 2009 release.  I’m glad to say that these books are available as both ebooks and paperbacks.

Deadly Games is a story about a serial killer who has been targeting the women of Todd Hollow.  Detective Jon Walker with the help of Assistant Medical Examiner Meghan Doyle investigates these killings and come to the conclusion that the killer stalks his prey based on their interest in BDSM.  Meghan and Jon learn to trust each other to bring down a familiar stranger who turns out to be straight from Meghan’s past.

Deadly Affair takes us back into Todd Hollow introducing readers to a few new unique and quirky characters as well as a new crime, which is an arson murder(s).
Deadly Games and Deadly Affair are dark stories with some romantic elements but would not be considered romances per se.  I think because these stories are “scary” and push the envelope into the dark side they are perfect for Damnation Books, a publisher who publishes dark fiction.

Now that Night Fantasies has been released, what are you working on? 

I’ve just started the third book for the Todd Hollow series, Deadly Intent which focuses on abduction and will include some paranormal elements.  I think this may be one of my scariest books to write yet considering the subject that I will address within the storyline. 

Also, under the name of Marie Roy (my real name) I write straight contemporary romance.  One title that is available is A Soldier’s Fortune, which can be found at Treble Heart Books.  I am particularly proud of this story as it focuses on those men and women who protect our country.  My hero is a Vietnam veteran and the plot addresses the subject of Post Traumatic Stress.  This book won an award and received some excellent reviews.  This is a perfect read I think for this upcoming Veterans Day and can be found at

Another story is titled Stormbound, which can be found at Aspen Mountain Press.  This is basically a story about a young widow and coming to terms with widowhood and the fact that she needs to again celebrate those special holidays with her ten year old son.

No More Secrets, No More Lies is another title scheduled for release next year – June 2010 at The Wild Rose Press.  The story is basically about a mother who has not been truthful to her son regarding his biological father who the son thinks is dead.  The plot centers on whether the truth when it finally becomes known will destroy the love and trust between them.  

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Readers can learn more about Collette Thomas aka Marie Roy and my books by simply clicking on the links below for my two newsletter.  If they go to the Newsletter for Marie Roy they will see a photo of the newest addition to my family; Sugar, a Peek-A-Poo (Pekingese/Mini Poodle) puppy who graduates tomorrow night from Petsmart’s puppy obedience class!  Eight sessions later she now sits, lays down, and pretty much stays put when I tell her.  I may need to get her into their intermediate puppy class because last night she took off with one of my favorite red slippers and had me chasing her from one end of my house to the other to get it back!

Newsletter for Collette Thomas

Newsletter for Marie Roy  

Also for those who would like to join a group devoted to learning about writing erotic romance fiction, you can join my Yahoo Group Erotic Romance Workshop where members upload pieces of their WIP’s, and generally talk about writing and the writing life. The link to that group is

Several members here have formed offshoots of ERW and created a couple of anthologies that are now available.  One is titled Goin’ Down Book One and Two at Aspen Mountain Press.  The premise here was to write stories that revolved around finding oneself inside a stuck elevator with a very attractive stranger and then living out a fantasy.  My story Elevator Man can be found in Book One. 

Also several members put together an anthology titled Legends of Loving series of very hot sexy cowboy stories.  That anthology can be found at Red Rose Publishing.

I want to thank you for having me here and given me the opportunity to tell readers about me and my stories.  

Collette Thomas (aka Marie Roy )

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  1. Hi Collette/Marie, great interview. It sounds like you have a lot of different ideas going for stories. That's what keeps life interesting. And the writing life. :-)