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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

With CJ Black

Title: What You See
Release Date: 10/12/09
Author: CJ Black
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: contemporary, m/m, erotica

Blurb: When the older man starts frequenting the restaurant where Adam works, he doesn’t know what to think. Kent is everything that defines success and wealth. What could he possibly want with a college kid like Adam?

Kent is going through a bad divorce, but he knows what he wants and who he wants. He makes his move, but following a brief yet intense lovemaking session, Adam’s insecurities make him walk away.

Kent, refusing to let Adam go, decides to find a way to make the younger man see his worth and their need to be together.

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?
Thank you! I’m happy to be here. My most recent work is a M/M contemporary erotic short called What You See.

What is What You See all about?
You would think this is the easiest question to answer but it never is!  The story centers on Adam and Kent, two men who are as opposite as anyone can be.  Kent is an older professional gentleman; Adam is a college kid with a lot of ambition.  Kent sees this ambition in Adam and is confident that he wants him but Adam doesn’t agree.  Kent works to convince Adam that he’s wrong.

We read a lot of May/December romances involving m/f, how great that you've written a m/m! How did you come up with the idea?
Would you believe while sitting in sushi bar which is where What you See begins?  A few months back I stopped in after work to pick up dinner.  As I sat there and took in the atmosphere I thought what a lovely place to have a romantic liaison.  Normally I wouldn’t frequent a place like that because it was a little pricey which was why I thought of Kent, who was in a position to go and have whatever he wanted.

I know this isn't your first published work, CJ, so tell the readers a little about your other works.
I have several other stories out.  A M/F fantasy erotic short called Paint from Excessica Publishing as well as stories being featured in three anthologies presented by  A story of mine, A Little Knowledge was recently chosen as a weekly winner in the Erotic Fiction Contest.  I also have a few free reads around published by Clean Sheets Magazine and Good Vibrations Magazine.

What can we expect from you in the future, CJ Black?
I have several story ideas in the works, including a contemporary erotic paranormal and another fantasy m/m erotic. Also, a little while ago, I finished a full-length fantasy m/m erotic novel.  I put it aside for a bit because I was having some trouble getting it like I wanted but it’s been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve attempted in the past to find a critique partner for it because it needs work.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
You’re welcome.  Yes, I want to say to my fellow authors, no matter what “writing defeats” you may encounter, keep going.  Don’t lose your momentum.  Write as often as you can, every free moment you can.  That’s what you do.

I’d never seen an old man move so fast; he was on me in a flash, pressing me against the side of the car. He had me by the back of the neck and pulled my head forward while grinding his crotch against mine. I couldn’t believe how big he was. I was hard in a matter of minutes. I’d never gotten it up that fast in my life. He kissed me, his tongue intruding, taking over for a moment and then he pulled back.

I stared at him, with my jaw unhinged, probably looking like a complete idiot. “What—?”

“You think I didn’t see you looking at my cock before? And all those other times you’ve been looking at me? Are you going to stand here and tell me you don’t want me?”

I was still too out of it from the kiss. My throat was tight, so I cleared it. “Why me?”

“Why do you think?” He seemed annoyed. “If you tell me you don’t want me . . . .” He pressed his jaw against mine. “Then I’ll get in my car and drive away.”

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