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Monday, September 28, 2009

TWO FOR HIRE by Rie McGaha

Title: Two For Hire
Author: Rie McGaha
Author Site:
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Publisher Site:
Cover Art: Fiona Jayde
Artist Site:
Genre: contemporary, m/f, m/f/f, bdsm, bondage
Release Date: 09/29/2009


Ian James was raised in the lap of luxury, but he was also raised knowing that nothing worth having comes without working for it. Expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the law firm one day, Ian works as an errand boy during the summer months between high school and college. One of those errands sends him to a very young, very wealthy, and very sexy widow who has plans of her own for Ian. When Ian discovers that older, wealthy women will pay him for sex, becoming a lawyer is no longer in his future.

Gillian Carmichael needs a vacation, so when her best friend, Sylvia suggests she accompany her back home to Chicago, Gillian accepts. But when Gillian meets Sylvia’s brother, Ian, the attraction is instant. There’s just one little thing standing in the way . . . .


Ian stood with his hands behind his back looking out the window at the roses and various other well-tended flowers. He looked around the room. The furnishings were expensive and tasteful, obviously placed by an interior decorator. Ian was used to expensive taste, and decorators coming and going, but what startled him was the lady of the house.

“Are you from the law firm?” she asked.

Ian spun around and his mouth dropped open. Mrs. Winthrop didn’t look much older than him and a see-through pink baby doll nightie hugged her curvaceous form. Her breasts were firm, the nipples puckered against the material tied in a bow by a simple string. Her belly was bare and she wore a matching pair of thong underwear that covered nothing at all. He could see right through the little swatch of lace to pubic hair that had been perfectly waxed into the shape of a small heart. Her long legs extended forever, right down to her bare feet with painted toenails that matched her fingernails—hot pink.

“You brought me something to sign?” she asked, smiling. Then she stuck a finger in her mouth, pulled on the gum she’d been chewing, and twirled it around her finger. Sucking the gum from her finger back into her mouth, she asked, “Can’t you talk?”

Ian felt his cheeks and ears grow hot and stammered out an answer. “I, um, that is, my father, um.” He took a deep breath and swallowed as he looked back toward the window. “That is, my father sent these over for you. There’s a paper you need to sign on top.”

“Okay,” she said, taking the packet from him. “You want something to drink? You look kinda flushed there, cutie pie. Come with me, I’ve got a Coke or a root beer or something in the kitchen.”

Ian followed her like a puppy following a little kid.

“Here you go,” she said and handed him a can of Coke. “Have a seat right there and I’ll sign this paper for you.”

Ian nodded and sat down while Judy slid the papers from the packet. She flipped through them, but he could tell she wasn’t reading them.

“Well, I guess your father knows what he’s doing. No reason to take up my time with this.” She pulled the top page apart from the others and signed it without reading it either. “There you go, cutie pie,” she said, handing the page to him.

“Thank you,” Ian muttered, stood, and walked toward the kitchen door.

“Before you go, how would you like to earn a little money?”

Ian stopped and turned toward her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she said on a laugh, “how would you like to make a little money, say five hundred dollars?”

“What do I have to do for it?”

“Suspicious, aren’t we?”

“Not even my dad pays me that much and he makes me work my butt off for what he does pay me.”

Judy walked toward him. “Come with me,” she said, taking his hand. She led him through the sitting room and back to the foyer to the winding staircase. “Let’s go upstairs where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Ian swallowed hard. “Upstairs?”

“Don’t be afraid, cutie pie, I won’t bite,” she said with a laugh. “That is, unless you want me to.”

“Uh, I, uh . . . .” Ian stammered.

“Come on, cutie pie, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“No, it’s just that, well . . . .”

“Hush now,” she whispered. “This is gonna be fun. I promise.”

She stopped in front of a set of double doors, pushed them open, and led him inside. Ian looked around at all the marble—floors, walls, and Jacuzzi—a Jacuzzi that could hold at least twelve people.

“Go ahead,” Judy said. “Get in. I’ll be right back.”

“But I don’t have any trunks.”

She threw back her head and laughed. “You don’t need any, cutie pie.”

She pushed a button on the wall and the water in the Jacuzzi came to life. She slipped into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

Ian looked around, unsure of whether to strip and get into the water or run like he was being chased by demons from hell. Being a young, red-blooded male, he finally stripped and jumped into the water. After a few moments, he relaxed. The water felt nice, the jets even nicer, and he shut his eyes, allowing his body to go limp and float in the tub. He didn’t hear the door open, nor did he hear Judy as she slipped in beside him. What he heard was his own yelp of surprise when Judy’s hand wrapped around his cock.

“Just relax,” she said softly, and continued to stroke him.

“I, uh, it’s . . . I should be going,” Ian stuttered.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Judy replied. She ducked her head beneath the roiling water and took the head of Ian’s dick into her mouth. When she surfaced with a smile, Ian’s mouth dropped open.

“I know this is your first time,” she said. “Relax and enjoy it.”

Ian followed her to the Jacuzzi’s steps and sat on one at the top, the one Judy patted with her hand. Kneeling two steps below him, she placed a hand on each of his knees and pushed his legs apart. Settling between them, Judy flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, slid it down the full length and sucked a ball into her mouth before moving on to the other. She licked back up the length of his cock and sucked the head into her mouth while twirling her tongue around the tip. Then she swallowed him whole.

Ian gasped. He’d never been in this position before, even though he’d lied about it to his friends. Fleetingly, he wondered if they’d all lied as well, but soon he thought of nothing at all but the feel of her mouth on his cock. For the life of him, he couldn’t focus, he could only follow the sensations from Judy’s mouth and moan in pure pleasure. In less than two minutes, he shot his wad into her mouth.

He looked away, embarrassed by his lack of control. “I’m—”

“Don’t worry about it.” She smiled up at him and licked her lips. “That’s the desired result.”

She stood and climbed the stairs past him, and he got his first look at his first real naked woman. All the others he’d seen in magazines.

“Come with me,” she said, and he jumped to his feet and followed her.

Judy led him into her bedroom, a large room with a giant canopied bed in the middle of the floor. The French doors at the end of the room opened to a large veranda overlooking a swimming pool below.

Ian stilled, looked around and took it all in, then swallowed hard when he noticed they weren’t alone. Another naked, stunning woman lay on her stomach across the bed. She rose up on her elbows, looked at Ian, and smiled with a wink.

“Hi there,” she said.

“This is Ian, but you can call him cutie pie,” Judy said with a laugh and climbed onto the bed.

“I’m Tracie,” the woman said, and Ian’s mouth fell open.

The women broke into giggles.

“Yep, my stepdaughter,” Judy said through hysterical laughter.

“Come on, cutie pie, join us.” Tracie stretched an arm out.

Speechless, Ian suddenly realized he was still completely naked. Taking a deep breath, he blew it out and in three strides flopped onto the bed between them.

“He’s a virgin,” Judy said matter-of-factly.

“Really? You’re a virgin? Well, I guess this will blow your fantasies right out of the water!”

The women caressed his body, their hands sliding over his chest and stomach and down between his legs. One wrapped a hand around his cock that had come to attention without much convincing while the other massaged his balls. Judy’s mouth came down on his, and Tracie joined the kiss, their tongues waging a little skirmish. Awestruck, Ian surrendered, and completely lost himself in what was happening to him, followed along wherever the women led. In ten days he’d celebrate his eighteenth birthday, and he couldn’t have asked for a nicer pre-birthday present.
Tracie ran her tongue down Ian’s chest and nibbled on his puckered nipple before making a trail down his stomach. Moving to his cock, she sucked him into her mouth and he gasped. Judy straddled his chest, inching forward until her cunt touched his lips, and then told him what to do.

Using his hands to spread her velvety lips, his tongue flicked out and touched her clit. Glancing up, a shiver shot through him as he watched the woman play with her own tits. The sight thrilled him as much as Tracie sucking on his dick did. After laving Judy’s pussy with his tongue, he sucked her clit and she ground her hips against him and moaned. When he looked up again, Tracie knelt behind Judy and massaged the woman’s tits while kissing and licking her neck and shoulder.

Ian flicked his tongue over Judy’s clit. Her body tensed and another moan fell from her lips.

“That’s it baby, come in his mouth,” Tracie whispered. She tugged Judy away from Ian and gently pushed her onto her back. “Let’s see who you like better.” She pulled Judy’s legs apart and positioned herself between her thighs. Turning to Ian she said, “Get on your knees and fuck me from behind.”

Ian scrambled to his knees between Tracie’s legs while the woman dived face-first into Judy’s wet cunt. Although still nervous after what had just happened, he brushed his hands over Tracie’s ass. He’d never touched a woman before and he certainly had never fucked one. Entertaining fantasies while jacking off in his room didn’t count.

“Slam your dick into me, damn it,” Tracie said.

Ian slid his hands over her ass cheeks until he reached her pussy. He rubbed his thumbs back and forth over the slick folds of skin until he found the spot to place his dick. Holding his cock in one hand, he rubbed the head up and down over her cunt until the head slipped inside. Ian’s breath caught and his heart beat wildly as he slid the rest of his shaft into her. Her hot, wet pussy wrapped around his dick and she sucked him deep inside of her. He held her by the hips and slid in and out of her, his rhythm increasing with every stroke. He pounded her hard and heard his heavy sack slap against her bare skin.

In the back of is mind, he heard Judy emit a loud cry, and Tracie moaned, but he barely registered the sounds. With his eyes closed and his body tense, the only thing he felt was his dick sliding in and out of her warm, wet pussy. He came with such force he arched backward, then forward and fell into Tracie, who collapsed on top of Judy. The trio panted, slick with one another’s sweat.

For the rest of the summer, Ian arrived at the mansion every Saturday and spent the night, and most of Sunday. The trio rolled around in bed, on the floor, in the pool, and anywhere else the mood struck. The women instructed Ian, and he eagerly followed their lead. Judy paid him five hundred dollars a week, and by the end of summer, several of the women’s friends had learned of the little tryst. Ian had a fulltime job keeping them all serviced.

By the time he started college, he was earning two grand a week. With no other choice but to go to law school, Ian knew his father would settle for nothing less than to have his son follow in his footsteps. Between semesters Ian continued seeing Judy and Tracie, along with a number of other women. By the time he’d earned his law degree, he knew he could make more money as an escort than he could as a lawyer. He also knew his looks wouldn’t last forever; so having something to fall back on wasn’t bad either.

Friday, September 25, 2009

With Ashlyn Chase

Title: Oh My God
Release Date: Sept. 28. 2009
Author: Ashlyn Chase
Author Website:
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary, Mythology-Fantasy


What happens when a Greek God has amnesia--especially Dionysus, the biggest bad boy of Mount Olympus? 

The Greek God of wine, women, and party, falls off a balcony and lands on his head during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Now he has amnesia and has to rely on witnesses to tell him about his life.  All he knows is that they call him ‘Big D,’ and he’s a party animal who drinks too much and ought to give up alcohol for Lent.

Mandy and Brandy flashed Dionysus right before he fell and feel partially responsible for his amnesia.  They’re nice enough to take him to an AA meeting, and then back to their homes until he recovers his memory.  Fortunately, they’re not too nice to be naughty.  They all agree that replacing a bad habit with a healthy one is the key to sobriety, and what could be healthier than sex?  Will he come between friends before they know who he is?  Will Zeus separate all of them, forever?   

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?
Oh My God is an erotic comedy novella. It’s a previously published revamped version of a short story called Show Me the Bling. Both versions have been nominated for awards--the CAPA for Show me… and the Eppies for Oh My God. It was released in an Anthology and even though reviewers and contest judges loved it, sales were dismal. I really hope the independent re-release brings better luck. Third time’s a charm, right?

What is Oh My God all about?
Dionysus is the Greek God of wine and loves to party. He steals away from his worshippers to attend one of the biggest parties of all: Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
When Mandy and Brandy flashed him, he leans over the hotel balcony to throw beads and falls on his head. When he comes to, he has no idea who he is. The girls feel partly responsible, so they agree to take care of him until he remembers who he is and where he belongs.
The following day, they take him to an AA meeting, assuming he lost his balance because he was drunk. Imagine the God of Wine at an AA meeting! Anyway, during the meeting, they hear that one of the best ways to fight addiction is to replace their bad habit with a good one. And what could be better than sex?

That sounds like a lot of fun. How did you come up with the idea?
I was in New Orleans for a week. (This was pre-Katrina.) We had the best time, but the night we celebrated our anniversary was a little wilder than usual. I woke up the next morning wearing nothing but a red, feather boa and said, “Hey, when did I get this boa?" My husband woke up with beads and small skulls around his neck and said, “Wow, when did I get these skulls and beads?” True story.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?
I have tons of books. Most are at Ellora’s Cave.
This is the first one from the British publisher
I have another one coming from them in December of 2009.

What can we expect from you in the future, Ashlyn?
I just acquired an awesome agent, so you can expect me to become rich and famous. (chuckles) I have a mass-market paperback series of Urban Fantasies called Strange Neighbors coming from Sourcebooks beginning Spring of 2010. It’s about an apartment building full of paranormal misfits. I can’t wait! The first book in the series is called Hot Prospect.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Yes, I’m on Myspace, Twitter (as GoddessAsh), and Facebook…
AND I have a new yahoo group called Ashlyn’s New Best Friends where we play, share jokes, and generally run amok every day. All are invited! The more the merrier!
You can also see my book trailers on my website:
Thanks for having me! I appreciate the chance to meet new readers!

Friday, September 18, 2009

From Jeanne St. James

Title: Banged Up

Release Date: September 21st, 2009

Author: Jeanne St. James

Author Website:

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link:

Genre: Erotic Contemporary romance w/ elements of suspense


Mace Walker can’t wait to get home.

Being buried deep undercover for the past two years, on the most complex case of his career, has torn him down physically and mentally. Now the FBI agent has come home to recover after having his leg badly injured from a gunshot wound. Arriving home late one night, his relief is short-lived as he’s faced with a stranger pointing a gun to his head, acting like he is the one who doesn’t belong there.

Colby Parks, a biochemist at the local university, had come to town a year earlier to escape an abusive relationship. She vows never to put herself in that situation again.

Then the perfect opportunity comes along: house-sitting for Mace’s sister while making the house she purchased habitable. But she couldn’t anticipate this big snag: the one wearing the tight Levi’s and worn leather jacket, looking like he had just escaped prison.

Being forced to share a house creates sparks between them in more ways than one. However, things take a turn when their pasts catch up to them, threatening to pull them apart forever.

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

I have a steamy contemporary novel (m/f) releasing on September 21st from Liquid Silver Books titled Banged Up.

What is Banged Up all about?

Two scarred souls: one physically, one mentally. Both on the mend, hiding from their pasts…

Mace Walker, an FBI agent, has finally come back home after being undercover in the mafia for two years. During his tour, he was shot in the leg and he needs to go through extensive physical therapy to deal with his new handicap before he can go back to work.

Colby Parks, a biochemist, escaped an abusive relationship. She disappeared from the hospital after the last time her ex put her there. She settled in Mace’s hometown and bought an old house that needs extensive renovation. The house is unlivable, so when Mace’s sister gives her the opportunity to house-sit while she is on an extended honeymoon, Colby jumps on it.

Only Colby doesn’t know that Mace owns the house or that he’s coming home. And Mace doesn’t know that Colby is staying in his home.

You can read an excerpt here:

I'll be going to that link to read the excerpt, it sounds awesome! How did you come up with the idea?

First, I love to write about law enforcement. I have my A.A. and my B.S. in Criminal Justice and I have law enforcement training. In addition, I work as an emergency dispatcher and my fiancé (we are getting married on a beach in October) is a State Trooper. Most of all, I love a man in uniform.

It was just natural that my first published book would be about an FBI agent. But I also love imperfect heroes/heroines. No one is perfect. So I tend to make my hero or heroine (or both) damaged in some way or another. In Banged Up, the hero is damaged physically from being injured on the job and the heroine came out of abusive relationship.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

This is my first published novel. I've had a short erotic encounter published in Playgirl magazine. I have other manuscripts in the hands of publishers now.

What can we expect from you in the future, Jeanne St. James?

Well, I am currently have my erotic ménage a trios novel, Double Dare, submitted to a publisher. It’s a m/m/f, interracial story. I had a lot of fun writing it. I also just submitted a m/m novella, Rip Cord, to another publisher. And I have a m/f series I want to finish. The first of the series is almost finished. It’s about three brothers who are small town cops in upstate Pennsylvania.

And my head and computer is just full of other ideas.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

You can find me all over the Internet: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, GoodReads. I love to make new friends. If you visit my website, on my Free Reads page, you can find my Playgirl erotic encounter story, plus two more free short stories.

Friday, September 11, 2009

With Lynn Crain

Title: Giselle’s Elf

Release Date: August 1, 2009

Author: Lynn Crain

Author Website:

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Buy Link:

Genre: Fantasy and paranormal.

Blurb: Giselle Paine has always been on the outside looking in on her elven cousins. Just once she wished she could belong to something bigger than herself. But fate has a way of weaving its web and when handsome elf Ronan Munro arrives on her doorstep after a vicious attack, she knows exactly what she wants. But convincing Ronan is another thing. What will it take to bring him around to her way of thinking and into her bed?

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

A fantastic book titled Giselle’s Elf.

What is Giselle’s Elf all about?

It’s about a woman who is related to an elven family. Giselle has always felt like she doesn’t belong and that she’s on the outside. But being related to an elven family can be difficult and make her a target for those outside the family who want their power. Which is what has happened to her. She gets attacked and the elven council feels she needs to be protected and sends Ronan Munro to her side.

That sounds like a great story. How did you come up with the idea?

Actually this is part of an ongoing series called Santa’s Elves. It started with a little story where Santa brings home a woman for one of his elves. That original elf, Jedrick had a huge family with 5 siblings and then there’s his human mother’s outside family as well. This is actually book 4.5 as I’ve started labeling the summer books. This Christmas book 5 will come out and I do plan to have a 5.5 and a 6, which will pretty much complete the series. I might put in the parents story but I’m not sure just yet.

What other books do you have out the readers should know about?

I have lots of books the readers should hear about. LOL! Like I said, there is the Santa’s Elves series and a few more books out with eXtasy Books. I have books out at Loose Id, Whiskey Creek and soon Red Rose Publishing. You can check out my website for all the details.

What can we expect from you in the future, Lynn?

My next is titled More Than Robotics and will be out September 15. It’s a science fiction erotic romance that just burns up the pages. It’s part of my continuing Orchid series about a group of humans against clonedroids, which are a combination of human clone and cyborgs. It’s a pretty interesting concept and no one has quite done it this way before.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

I’m running a contest until the end of August in celebration of Giselle’s Elf. And it’s very easy to enter. Just stop by my blog, The Many Shades, any Wednesday in August and make a comment on what I’m blogging about, your entered. It’s that easy. The link to the blog is and I hope to see you there!