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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Author Offerings From Laura Tolomei

Title: Spying the Alcove

Release Date: August 1, 2009

Author: Laura Tolomei

Author Website:

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Buy Link:

Blurb: When his assistant declares sex is to be shared for it’s too precious to lock away in a drawer or save for an exclusive use alone, that it’s free, and has no limitations except our own and gender should never be an acceptable limit, the Professor has trouble accepting this simple concept despite the intriguing tale of a Roman matron’s journey into erotism. Apparently two unconnected stories—Valerio and Andrea in modern day Sicily, Lidia and Brutus’s hot passion in 1st century AD—an ancient medallion will bring them together as Valerio spies the sensually burning alcove in an increasingly unbearable sexual tension.

Welcome to Author Offerings. I'm so happy to have you here today. Tell me all about your new offering!

Just hot off the press, Spying the Alcove, at eXtasy Books, is my newest release.

What is Spying the Alcove all about?

It’s about two Italian University teachers, a Professor and his assistant, digging for buried memories in the ancient city of Selimos, an archeological site located in southwestern Sicily. Under a blazing sun, the long-time colleagues work amiably together until Andrea, the assistant, finds a Roman medallion. Intrigued by it, Valerio, the Professor, pockets it, but unknown to either, the artifact is actually the link to a Roman matron’s erotic adventures in 1st century AD. Increasingly fascinated, Valerio will hear night after night Lidia’s magical voice narrating in first person of her sensual experiences until his own tension will become unbearable. Thus the novel is in fact two different narrations, one concerning Andrea and Valerio’s relationshipon the surface only a business one, which hides a much deeper connectionand the other dealing only with Lidia’s erotic tales. The two never touch in either time or space except in Valerio’s imaginationthus justifying the use of the mixed combination of third and first person POVbut surprisingly, Lidia’s erotic tales are lessons that will go beyond the sexual content.

That sounds fascinating. How did you come up with the idea?

To be honest, my mate gave me the idea. He read in a Roman history book about the finding of a medallion, the same one I describe in Spying the Alcove, in a tomb. Speculations ran high as to why a married woman would ask to be buried with this artifact, which apparently portrays her with a lover, not her husband. From this faint hint, I build up a story, imagining her very active erotic life and its influences on modern day people.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

Even though I’m still a new author, I already have four releases, all by eXtasy Books. Roman Seduction, my June release is a short story— M/M, GBLT, ménage, series, romantica, romance, historical, adventure—based in 1st century AD, centering on Attilio and Aurelius, two Roman soldiers protagonists of Trespassing All Hallows Eve. In March, I came out with Sacrificial Sex, novella—M/M, horror, dark fantasy, sci-fi, paranormalabout a primitive world’s human sacrifices and the young man trying to stop them by seducing the bloodthirsty sorcerer into his passionate web. January saw the release of Divinitas, novel— gay, lesbian ménage, historical, dark fantasy, paranormal, godsan intriguing multi-character tale, taking place in ancient Egypt, Persia and Celtic Britain, as two men re-incarnate to continue their passionate game of love and betrayal in a creascendo mixing sex and religion.. Finally, in October 2008, I released my very first novel Trespassing All Hallow's Eve—gay, lesbian, dark fantasy, paranormal, adventure, Halloweencentering on Brighit, a woman coming from another dimension, Sacred Keeper of the passageway that allows demons to slip through during Halloween. Connected to the greatest Goddesses of all times, from the Hindu religion to the Celtic and even Catholic ones, Brighit follows her path from India to Celtic Britain, her story entwining with Attilio and Aurelius’s won special adventures.

What can we expect from you in the future, Laura?

I have several releases planned. From eXtasy Books, starting October 2009, Blood Shadows On Passion, novelM/M, horror, dark fantasy, paranormal—a Druid’s path to awareness of his darker side as a wolf-changeling trapped inside the passionate affair of a hunter and his lover. In December 2009, To Seduce A Soulmate, novelM/M, contemporary, paranormal—where I explain why finding a soul mate was the easy part while to seduce him became the hardest task of Martin’s life. Coming soon by FDWP, Firedrake Weyr Publishing is Re-Scue, novel/M, M/F, M/F/F, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, paranormalanother intriguing tale about incarnation as two soul take different shapes in consecutive lifetimes to continue their bloody yet sensual game of sex and knives. Finally, in 2010 by eXtasy Books, Vitrus The Saga: Erotic Freedom novel,M/M, MF M/M/F, series, fantasy, adventure, paranormal—the first episode of the planet Sendar’s series where sex has replaced violence…a lot of sex instead of bloody violence, and three lovers are called to learn more about this strange mechanism.

Thank you for joining me, Laura. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Actually Rie, there is. Even if I’ve just started on this new career, I’m loving every moment of it from the creating, to the editing, the reading and the publishing. I’m also aware I write borderline stories, a bit different from the usual erotica, but I like to think I challenge my readers in new ways, always offering them something new if not in content at least in style, like I did with Spying the Alcove. I’m sure not everyone appreciates it, but intelligent readers have proved they do, showing me their support through e-mails, chats and contests and I want to thank them all for being so understanding and supportive.

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