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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Author Offerings From Jesse Fox


Release Date: July 01, 2009

Author: Jesse Fox

Author Website:

Publisher: Dark Roast Press

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Genre: Gay Contemporary, mystery, suspense


Alex Klein, professional photographer, leads a blessed life with a supportive family and longtime lover Harley Scott, a successful PI. However, everything is about to unravel. He found peace in the arms of Harley after suffering from night terrors most of his life. Now the night terrors are back and his new assignment in Seattle may be the cause.

While he struggles to control his fears, back in St. Louis, Harley unravels a secret that could destroy the life they've created together. Maggie Reynolds is a convicted murderer, former member of a violent gang that terrorized the West Coast in the 1980's. She may also be Alex's birth mother, finally free after 25 years in prison. Positive his lover is in danger Harley heads to Seattle to save him from a mysterious stalker not beyond murder to get what she wants. Are Maggie and the stalker one and the same?

Sometimes no matter how many lies you weave the past will come back to bite you in the ass. An intricate web of blood and deception discovered, over two decades in the making, and Alex begins to question his entire identity in the wake of fear. Can he free himself from his past before it claims everyone he loves?

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

My newest novel is a gay contemporary suspense novel entitled Blood Noir.

What is Blood Noir all about?

It’s the story of Alex Kline, a St. Louis photographer, that a mysterious woman has been stalking unknown to him. His long-time lover Harley a PI in an attempt to protect Alex has kept it a secret from him. Alex leaves St. Louis with some secrets of his own though for a job working on a book in Seattle with a notorious crime reporter. Separated they both begin unraveling secrets about Alex’s past that are possibly linked with the stalker who has followed Alex across the country.

That sounds kind of spooky! How did you come up with the idea?

That’s a loaded question. [Laughs] It started with a dream I had of a young man talking to someone in a local St. Louis cemetery I recognized. Very bare bones image, but that was the beginning of plot bunny. Over a couple of days that dream haunted me. I wanted to know who the man was, how he’d come to be in the cemetery, and who he was talking to.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

This is my third book. My first was a gay contemporary paranormal novel Shadows Beneath that was released in April 2008. My second was gay contemporary fantasy involving Greek mythology Le Jardin de la Lumíere released in August 2008 and received the CTRR Award in October of 2008. I also have a couple of short stories that appear in holiday anthologies released by my publisher Dark Roast Press.

What can we expect from you in the future, Jesse Fox?

Right now, I’m working on the first two books in a 12 book series. It’s a GLBT contemporary paranormal series about a group of investigators led by Valentin Amoretti, a gay psychologist. I also have a paranormal novella Samhain’s Embrace that is scheduled for release in October.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

I would love to have the readers to check out Dark Roast Press and all the wonderful writers over there including myself.


  1. Anytime Jesse Fox takes to a keyboard, we can expect nothing less that a thrill ride.

  2. Hi Rie, great interview, and I love Blood Noirit was an awesome read.