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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Author Offerings from Randall Lang

by Randall Lang
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Publisher: Midnight Showcase
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Genre: Sexy romance


Life has not been easy for former beauty queen Cassandra Taylor. Abandoned by her worthless former husband, she is a single mother struggling to hold a home together for her teen-aged daughter and her mother with health problems. An ad in a Hollywood fan magazine offers her the hope of beginning anew with a more financially secure life and the glamour of Hollywood. She spends her meager savings chasing this dream only to have it dashed by an offer she must refuse. When her car breaks down on a desert highway, it leaves her alone, desperate, and at the mercy of strangers. A large, handsome man who rides the desert on a motorcycle rescues her from a life or death encounter. He agrees to take her home, but she is suspicious of him. To her surprise he calls her ‘my lady’ and treats her as if she were a queen and he, her knight escort. It is during this long and convoluted journey of adventure that she finds herself falling deeply in love with Coyote, the spirit rider. Although he resists, he also becomes helplessly in love with her. She quickly comes to realize that she could not survive in the harsh desert world where he is loved and respected, and he could not survive in the modern world that he does not understand and which will not accept his anachronistic ways. They seem doomed, as the sun and the moon, to always be apart even though their love bonds them helplessly to each other. Join Cassandra on the journey of a lifetime with her strange desert knight, her Magnificent Man.

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

Hello Rie and thank you for allowing me to be here today. Firstly, I’m Randall Lang and I’ve been writing erotica for many years. That was fun, but I developed a longing to write something more ‘mainstream’ so that I wouldn’t have to feel as if I should hide in the shadows when books were discussed. As most authors will understand, I had a story idea that haunted me for a couple of years and just kept getting more and more ‘pregnant’ (can I say that here?) until it had to be written. That idea became Magnificent Man, which was just released in June of 2009 by Midnight Showcase.

Magnificent Man is my effort to prove that a straight man can write romance without turning it into a Chuck Norris Movie. It's a deeply romantic storyline, but it takes place in the contemporary American southwest with a background of motorcycles, Mexicans, Indians, bar fights, and AMAZING scenery. No Castles, no ballrooms, and NO friggin' kilts.

What is Magnificent Man all about?

It’s what I call my ‘road trip romance’. It’s the story former Louisiana beauty queen Cassandra Taylor whose life gradually changes from one of glamour and fame into a daily struggle just to support her teen-age daughter and her ailing mother. Desperate for a way to improve their lives, she takes a chance on a Hollywood movie career only to have her hopes dashed. The trip home becomes a disaster until a large handsome man on a motorcycle rescues her in the Arizona desert. He’s strangely anachronistic in his manners and speech, calling her “my lady” and treating her as a knight would treat a queen. He agrees to take her home, but first he is committed to accomplish several missions in the desert of Arizona and New Mexico. While she is with him, she begins to understand the unique and scenic nature of the desert, and how remarkable are the largely forgotten peoples who live there. As she learns more and more about her curious knight, she joins the native people in their respect and love of the man called Coyote. She is swept away by his strength, his commitment, his spirituality, and his nobility, and discovers what a truly magnificent man he is.

But the last thing Cassandra wants is to become attached to an unusual man from the desert. Nevertheless, as their trip progresses, she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with Coyote. Coyote also struggles against his increasing attraction to a woman he views as a sophisticated city lady from a world he does not understand. Try as they may, neither can resist the love that steadily builds between them. They both realize the futility of love since neither could exist in the other’s world. They seem doomed to lives of unhappy separation until events beyond their control link them together.

That sounds like a great story. How did you come up with the idea?

As is my hero, I am quite anachronistic. I believe in the knightly values of honesty, nobility, chivalry, and faith. In my mind, a true hero is one who lives these values unquestioning even when confronted by the taunting and laughter of others. It simply is not within my ability to create a great world saving, bigger than life hero when my real hero is a humble man who does great things on a small scale. It was this hero around whom I built the story of the Magnificent Man.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

I have many other works of a different nature. When I first started writing, I wanted to create erotic stories to entertain women. I had read the pathetic stories in men’s magazines, with their strings of capital letters and exclamation points, and their absolutely stupid storylines. I thought back to the quality erotic books such as Peyton Place, Harrad Experiment, and Fannie Hill that I had discovered hidden in the back of my Mother’s bookshelves. I challenged myself to attempt to write erotic prose that is both well written and titillating. First I came up with two books of erotic short stories for women that were published as Sweet Nothings and Sweet Nothings 2. Those were followed by a series of erotic books entitled Trailer Park Nights, which has grown into a continuing story in five volumes. They were written in first person as the thoughts and experiences of a 22 year-old man under the tutelage of an older woman as his mentor and lover. Possibly my best seller to date is a book of four erotic stories entitled Pleasure's Choice-Older Women, Younger Men. I suspect that you can guess the theme. This was ‘cougar’ before cougar was ‘cool’. All are available at Renaissance E-books.

In addition to Magnificent Man, I also contributed to a collection of erotic stories called Midnight Raunch at Midnight Showcase Each story is different and reflects the writer. Finally, one of my erotic stories was included in Swing!, a digest of over twenty stories about swinging and the swing lifestyle. This was edited by Jolie DuPre and published by Logical-Lust Publishing SWING! And has been a run away hit that will be published in print starting in July 2009. If anyone has ever been curious about swinging, this is the book to read. I’ve been a busy boy.

What can we expect from you in the future, Randall Lang?

At the moment I’m up to my elbows with the marketing of Magnificent Man, and the writing has suffered. Midnight Showcase has plans for a new erotic anthology and I will probably contribute to that. In September, 2009, Logical-Lust Publishing and Jolie DuPre will team up again to produce The Cougar Book, which, as you might imagine, is right up my alley. You won’t believe how hot THAT book will be! Finally, I recently did an author chat at the Jeanie and Jayha Yahoo group where the ladies both beat me up pretty good and praised me silly. During the discussion, they proposed several ideas for a sequel to Magnificent Man that started my creative process again. I guess my muse is ‘pregnant’ again.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

For those who survived all of my ‘verbositude’, you’ll be glad to know that I’m about to shut up. I do want to invite everyone to my website at for all the information about my books, and also to my blog, THE MIND OF RANDALL LANG, at WWW.RANDALLLANG.BLOGSPOT.COM. The blog is not about selling you anything, it’s just a lot of reflections on life through my twisted mind. AND FINALLY (he says to the groaning audience), I want to thank Rie McGaha, who is a really hot lady, for allowing me to abuse her blog with all of my ramblings. Of course I’ll call you in the morning. I am, Your most humble and obedient servant,
Randall Lang


  1. Hi Randall, and hi to your readers here!

    As Randall's publisher for the SWING! anthology, I can attest to his great skill in crafting an excellent story. "Magnificent Man" sounds exactly the kind of wonderful output Randall can produce. I am also very pleased to hear he is submitting to the COUGAR BOOK. I'm already looking forward to that!

    Best regards
    Jim Brown

  2. Hi,
    Your hero sounds like my kind of guy, hard working man with integrity. I can empathize with your being overwhelmed with marketing for one book and having the writing for the next one suffering. Good luck with sales.

  3. Hi,
    Your hero sounds like my kind of guy; hard working man with integrity. I can certainly empathize with you as far as marketing taking away from your writing time. I have that problem right now. Good luck with your sales.

  4. What an interesting interview, and Magnificent Man does sound like a lovely story. Best to you with both the marketing and your writing, Randall, and thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Hi Jim, Kathy, and Emerald,

    Thank you for your kind comments and your encouragement. They are greatly appreciated.

    Randall Lang