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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Author Offerings From Cynnara Tregarth


Release Date: 05-01-2009

Author: Cynnara Tregarth

Author Website:

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Buy Link:

Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, erotic romance


What do you do when you want to take your relationship further and it includes you having more pleasure? Carenna loves Garrett, in fact, she loves him so much, she’s moved in with him. But the only thing she’s missing is that while she gets pleasure from being with him, sometimes, she wants to be pleasured for her. So, she writes him the letter because how else can you teach a male?

Welcome to Author Offerings. I am so happy to have you here today and to find out what your author offerings are. What is your latest offering?

My latest offering is Teaching the Male. Coming soon, I’ll have my second Marauder book out, Call of the Wylde. Both will be available through Aspen Mountain Press.

What is Teaching the Male all about?

It’s how one woman, Carenna, took the initiative and creatively brought home to her lover how she wanted to be pleased and how she knew that he could do it if he realized the importance of her pleasure to him as well.

That sounds very interesting. How did you come up with the idea?

Honestly, I was a bit perturbed at my male at the time, so with Michelle Hasker, another AMP author, urging me on, I wrote Teaching the Male in one sitting. It was very liberating to say the least.

Is this your first author offering, or do you have other books the readers should know about?

This is my first time! *grins* But now that I know more about author offering, I hope to be here more often. If readers would like to learn more about my books, I can be found on my website, I often give out free reads and ideas that I might work on in the future for readers to vote on.

What can we expect from you in the future, Cynnara?

I’m currently working on the next P3 universe book for Loose Id, another of my publishers. I’m also working on a futuristic pirate story to be submitted who knows where. My Marauders have found a great home at Aspen Mountain Press and I’ll be pushing to get Donal’s book done for the end of the year if I can.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

I enjoy reader feedback and have been known to hang around the League of Amazing Writers,, if they’d like to come and visit. Be warned, now that I’ve found this place, I will be back!

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